3-on-3 playoffs begin
by Adam Steiss|14 JAN 2020
Team Black and Team Yellow both reached the elimination stage in the women's 3-on-3.
photo: Vedran Galijas
The preliminary round for the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games 3-on-3 competition concluded on Monday night, with eight teams each from the men’s and women’s competitions heading home and eight moving on to the semi-finals.

WOMEN’s 3-on-3 Semi-Final Pairings
SF1: Team Black vs. Team Brown
SF2: Team Blue vs. Team Yellow

MEN’s 3-on-3 Semi-Final Pairings
SF1: Team Green vs. Team Black
SF2: Team Brown vs. Team Red
Barbora Bartakova of the Czech Republic scores for Team Brown
photo: Vedran Galijas
On the women’s side, Team Black earned the top seed for playoffs with a victory over Team Green in the final day of the preliminary round. The second seed went to Team Blue, thanks for a shootout goal from Switzerland’s Valerie Christmann against Team Red. They will be joined by the 3rd-seeded Yellow Stars and 4th-seeded Brown Bears (note: after being assigned a team color prior to the tournament, each of the teams were asked to come up with a team name).

The Black Magic have been a strong group defensively, allowing a tournament-low 30 goals in seven games (remember this is a 3-on-3 tournament), and posting a 6-1 record, their only loss coming against the Blue Crystals. Russia’s Daria Petrova has led the way offensively but all lines have been firing, with goals coming from Kimberley Collard, En-Ni Chang (Chinese Taipei), Amy Robery (Great Britain), and Alicja Mota (Poland), among others.

Don’t count out the Bears or the Stars, the two highest-scoring teams of the tournament. The Bears lost to the Magic by just one goal in the opening day of the tournament, and will look for the upset while the Stars beat the Crystals 8-5 in their previous matchup.
Team Green has gotten consistent scoring from all three lines. 
photo: Vedran Galijas
In the men’s tournament, top-seeded Team Green will play Team Black, while Team Brown faces off against Team Red. The goals have come in bunches in this tournament, with the fourth-seeded Black Penguins leading the way with 83 scored in seven games.

The top-seeded Green Leafs have dropped only one game in the tournament so far, falling 6-4 to the Penguins on the last day of the prelim round. Maks Percic (Slovenia), Allessandro Segafredo (Italy), and Patrik Daulen (Norway) have been consistent playing together on the top line, and the goaltending combination of Stepan Malecek (Czech Republic) and Levente Hegedus (Hungary) has allowed a tournament-low 43 goals against.

Team Brown, also known as the Brown Badgers, finished second overall in the standings and will be counting their top line of Hungary’s Milan Ivady, Lithuania’s Artur Seniut, and Matyas Sapovaliv of the Czech Republic to carry the load against Team Red. Other talented players will look to contribute, such as Hugo Galvez of France and Estonia’s Erik Potsinok, twin brother or Marek Potsinok who will be playing for the Green Leafs in the other semi-final. The Red Rebels have scored the second-most goals in the tournament but will need to shore up their defensive play in order to advance, having given up the most out of all the remaining teams.