Raska receives one-game suspension
by Adam Steiss|26 DEC 2020
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to Czech forward Adam Raska for a violation of IIHF Playing Rule 119-Boarding.
The violation occurred on 23 December late in the third period of Czech Republic’s pre-competition game against Slovakia. At 59:44 in the 3rd period Slovak defenceman Simon Becar recovered a pass from his teammate behind his own net and passed it further on his backhand around the corner. The passing action caused Becar to lose his balance which forced him to go down on one knee. 
Immediately after Becar passed the puck, and while Becar was in the kneeling position, Raska skated towards Becar at high speed and initiated contact with his right shoulder which projected Becar heavily into the boards, right shoulder and head-first. Becar fell to the ice but was able to get up by himself and leave the ice.
Based on all facts ascertained, the Disciplinary Panel determined that because Raska was aware of Becar’s vulnerable position with respect to the boards when he checked Becar, and because Raska’s actions resulted in Becar being violently thrown into the boards, Raska’s actions were reckless and dangerous, and created a serious risk of injury to Becar, thereby violating IIHF Official Rule 119-Boarding. The Player is always responsible for the checks he makes. 
The Disciplinary Panel has therefore issued a one-game suspension to Raska. Raska will miss Czech Republic’s opening preliminary round game against Sweden, and will be eligible to return for the team’s second preliminary round game against Russia.