Helsinki welcomes athletes and fans
by Local organizing committee|06 APR 2022

As the Group A games were moved to be played at the legendary Helsinki Ice Hall, quite a bit of reorganizing had to take place behind the scenes. Everything looks good, nevertheless, and all signs point to a successful event full of great ice hockey experiences for fans.

”Naturally, the situation isn’t the easiest when a major event is faced with a venue change only a couple of months prior to the puck drop. Organizing has run smoothly with Helsinki Ice Hall and we’re able to present both the Finnish and international ice hockey fans an incredible sporting experience,” said Heikki Hietanen, 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship General Secretary.

Hietanen also commented on the team changes that took place only recently.

”We wish a warm welcome to Team France and Team Austria! We are working closely together with the French and Austrian Ice Hockey Associations and looking forward to welcoming both French and Austrian media representatives, who will join us in Finland. We are also expecting fans from both countries as well,” said Hietanen continues.

Support to Ukraine – 5 euros to be donated from each ticket sold in April

10 euros from each Team ROC’s day ticket that was sold previously for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is being donated to ice hockey efforts in the Ukraine. This equals approximately an 80,000 euro
donation addressed to the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine.

Now we continue the support by donating 5 euros of every ticket sold in the month of April. The arrangement covers both game and day tickets.

”Each and every euro is needed in Ukraine at the moment. We want to do our part and show our support to the Ukrainian ice hockey family. At the same time, this is a way for ice hockey fans to participate as well,” said Hietanen.
COVID-19 preparations – extra caution, yet no need for bubbles

The current pandemic situation looks fairly good in terms of the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. With the present information, the games will be played with a full capacity of fans in the audience. Basic cautionary measures are, however, in use including testing, social distancing, wearing of masks and good hand hygiene.

”Throughout the games, we will follow the health authorities’ guidelines. Our priority is to organize a safe tournament. We’re happy that at the moment it looks like we can do this with full arenas by practising basic caution,” said Hietanen.