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Tampere is an ice hockey city, a battlefield of two local teams: Ilves and Tappara. Additionally, Tampere is known for its stunning views, quirky museums and public saunas. We are the Sauna Capital of the World. Here, the nature is all around us, forests and the lakeside start from the city centre: Tampere is surrounded by beautiful lakes and eskers, it has a perfect scale for walking and there’s always something new and innovative going on.

The food culture of Tampere is versatile and highly valued. A great way to get to know the city is to head to one of the relaxed pubs or restaurants. And don’t forget to try the locally crafted beers!

Tampere is not perfect, it is a city of people, where it’s okay just to be you. Tampere and the Tampere Region are running to become the European Capital of Culture 2026 because we want to furthermore increase our residents’ well-being and boost the region’s vitality in the long term.

Tampere has something wonderfully traditional, even seductive, and something so dynamic but relaxing. Yes, Tampere is a state of mind! 

Read more about the city and its possibilities on www.visittampere.com.
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