Loof suspended
by Adam Steiss|29 DEC 2021
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to Team Sweden defender Leo Loof, for a violation of IIHF Official Playing Rule 48 (Illegal Check to the Head or Neck) and Rule 41 (Boarding).
The incident in question occurred at 47:31 in the 3rd period of Sweden’s preliminary round game against Slovakia on 27 December.
Slovak defender Simon Nemec had the puck while skating along the boards on the right side towards the Swedish defensive zone. As Nemec approached the blue line, Loof skated toward Nemec from across the ice. Upon reaching Nemec, Loof made direct frontal contact with Nemec, elevating his arms towards his head. In following through with the hit, Loof caused Nemec to hit the boards and then fall to the ice.    
The Disciplinary Panel determined that – because Loof upon reaching Nemec to make contact close to the boards, directed his arms in an upward motion towards the head and/or neck area of Nemec, and due to the force at which the contact was made – that Loof recklessly endangered Nemec, and violated IIHF Official Playing Rule 48 (Illegal Check to the Head or Neck) and Rule 41 (Boarding). Loof showed no regard for the puck when delivering his check, and by separating his arms from his body when doing so, he gained even more power when he made the hit on Nemec.
Loof shall be sanctioned with a one-game suspension and will miss Sweden's next preliminary round game against USA on 29 December. He will be eligible to return on 31 December for the team’s final preliminary round game against Switzerland.