Akane Hosoyamada Suspended
by IIHF|14 APR 2023
Akane Hosoyamada #8 was issued a one-game suspension
photo: International Ice Hockey Federation – Matt Zambonin
The 2023 IIHF Women’s World Championship Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to
 Akane Hosoyamada #8 for cross-checking Swiss player Shannon Sigristi #9 in Game #24.
The incident occurred at 51:57 in the third period. Hosoyamada was racing to gain possession of the puck, skating along the boards, initially slightly behind Sigristi. Upon approaching Sigristi on her right side and within proximity to the boards behind the Swiss goal, Hosoyamada– using her stick – pushed Sigristi, which results in her falling to the ice and hitting the boards with a high degree of speed. Sigristi, after falling to the ice, remained on the ice.
The Disciplinary Panel determined that the player’s action constituted a violation of Official Playing Rule 59 (Cross-Checking) and is therefore sanctioned with a suspension of one game; namely, Game #26 against Sweden on April 14.