The new medals have been revealed
by Organizing Committee |18 MAR 2024
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation / Organizing Committee
Players will fight for original crystal glass medals at the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

No more secrets! Exactly 53 days before the start of the 2024 IIHF WM, the organizers have revealed the official medals. They are made of crystal glass, which is significant for the Czech Republic. Ice medals pointing to the history of ice hockey and a long local tradition
Just like in 2015, the organizing committee has opted for original medals with the reference to Czech craftsmanship, the story of the ice hockey, emotions, and the host country, the Czech Republic. "The design of the medals is partly determined by the IIHF regulations, which we must adhere to. However, every organizer seeks its individual path to unique valuable metals. For us, it was a priority to choose glass as the material," says Petr Bříza, the president of the Organizing Committee of the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Prague. He adds: "In the creation process, we focused on ensuring that the medals also look good on jerseys. We are satisfied with the final result."
The circular shape resembles a puck, the body looks like ice
The design of the medals weighing 250 grams was designed by Kateřina Handlová, the actual production was carried out by a glass crafter of northern Bohemia, which area is known for glass production. "The character of the material is reminiscent of ice, and the cuts on it resemble skate marks as a symbol of dynamism and movement," Kateřina Handlová describes the main idea of author.

The first stage of production is the so-called fusing – when baking soda is poured between two glass sheets and they are baked together at a temperature of 860 degrees. This is followed by water jet cutting. In the next part, the glass is ground around the perimeter to a precise shape, the upper surface is polished, on which sharp cuts are pre-drawn and ground. Finally, precious metals are applied to the glass using a painting technique, which is then fired in a furnace at a temperature of 560 degrees.
The second part of the medal is represented by a metal frame, which is turned from stainless steel and refers to the boards in the playing area. The finished blank is engraved with the official title of the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and the frame is finally plated. After completion, it remains to attach the ribbon. "The design of the ribbon was designed in a typical tricolour - red, blue and white, which, however, is only noticeable when looking at the complete set," the designer explains the unconventional choice.
Former successful defenseman Jiří Šlégr won three medals at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, including the gold one in 2005. "Every player who wears a national team jersey wants to hang one of the precious metals around his neck," describes the Project Ambassador of the 2024 IIHF WM. "It can be seen that both the designer and the manufacturers faced a difficult challenge with honor and did an excellent job. If the Czech national team wants to take these wonderful medals home, they have an even more difficult task and a long way to go to their dream goal," concludes Jiří Šlégr, also a double bronze medallist from 1997 and 1998.

The best teams in the tournament will play for precious medals on Sunday 26 May, first from 15:20 CET for bronze and from 20:20 CET for gold. Tickets for the final weekend are still on sale at the official website
Making of the medals