Mikael Granlund suspended
by International Ice Hockey Federation |22 MAY 2024
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation / Andrea Cardin
The 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Disciplinary Panel has issued a one (1) game suspension to Finland’s Granlund, Mikael  (#64) for violating Official Playing Rule 59 (Cross-Checking) against Switzerland's Glauser, Andrea (#43).  
The incident occurred at 58:09 in the 3rd period of Game #55 between Finland and Switzerland on 22 May 2024.
The Championship Disciplinary Panel determined that because the Player, using with both hands the stick and a wide grip, forcefully used his stick to deliver a cross-check to the head and neck area of Switzerland’s #43, he violated Official Playing Rule 59 (Cross-Checking). The Panel acknowledged that while the Player’s initial contact may have been to the arms of Switzerland’s #43, the upward direction of the cross-check placed the Swiss Player in a dangerous position and a high risk of injury. 
For the above-mentioned reasons, the Disciplinary Panel determined that the Player violated Official Playing Rule 59 (Cross-Checking), and shall be sanctioned as follows:
  • Suspension for one game
Due to the suspension, the Player will miss tomorrow’s game between Sweden and Finland.