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Coaching Symposium


May 18-20
Future Stars‘ Development
Location   Packages:  
  1. Symposium only: 10 500 CZK
Price includes tickets to the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship games following symposium:  
  • 18 May at 16:20 Canada vs. Finland
  • 19 May at 20:20 Switzerland vs. Canada
  • 20 May at 16:20 Great Britain vs. Norway
  1. Hotel Packages (includes the symposium, twin or single room option)
  • 2 nights: 17–19 or 18–20 May (SGL 19 000 CZK, TWN 15 300 CZK)
  • 3 nights: 17–20 May or 18-21 May (SGL 23 250 CZK, TWN 17 700 CZK)
  • 4 nights: 17–21 May (SGL 27 500 CZK, TWN 20 100 CZK)

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Dr David Scott is an associate professor of sport psychology in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. Canada’s national newspaper, named him as one of the outstanding professors teaching in Canada and he was also called as one of the most popular professors. He has been a consultant with a number of teams and organizations including, the Vancouver Canucks, and many others.
Tim Turk is an NHL shooting and scoring coach, who specializes in hockey shooting, passing and puck preparation and control, while also teaching the technical aspects and strategies of the puck protection. Tim has created his own Hockey Development Company knows as ‘Tim Turk Hockey’ and has also recently developed an online training website.
Patrick Delisle-Houde was appointed as full-time associate coach with the McGill University men's hockey program. He spent four years with the Montreal Canadiens, where he served as the NHL team's strength and conditioning coordinator. He will speak about exercise physiology and kinesiology, about players strength and conditioning development.
Martin Musálek is currently working as associate professor at the Faculty of Physical Education of Sport, Charles University. He focuses on comprehensive development from early childhood to adolescence, specifically in physical fitness, body composition, fundamental movement skills, and physical activity monitoring. In the seminar, he will discuss the topics like how to find the ice hockey talent, somatic capacity and skill parameters in Czech players' categories U13-U15, considering their biological age.