Supplementary discipline implemented against Gleb, Reshetko
by IIHF|11 DEC 2023
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation

The 2024 IIHF Championship Disciplinary Panel for the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey U20 World Championship Division I Group A has issued a warning against Gleb, Reshetko for a checking to the head or neck violation against Balazs, Hiezl. 

The incident occurred at 7:23 (12:37 remaining) during the 1st period of Game #02 (HUN v. KAZ).   

The Championship Disciplinary Panel determined that while the Player is deemed to have violated Official Playing Rule 48 (Checking to the Head and Neck) because he does not seem to be targeting the head of neck area, but rather unnecessarily extending the body, he shall be sanctioned as follows: