World Championship medals unveiled
by Organizing Committee|11 APR 2019
Former Slovak national team player Lubomír Visnovsky presents the medal.
photo: Jan Sukup / 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Organizing Committee
With less than a month to go before the first face-off at the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Slovakia, the Organizing Committee has unveiled the gold, silver, and bronze medals that players will be fighting for over 17 days and 64 games. Once they see what these beautiful creations look like, the intensity of play will only increase.
The medals feature a hockey player and the famous hills of Slovakia and are made from colour alloys that have been specially treated. They will be handed out in Bratislava on May 26 after the gold-medal and bronze-medal games.
“We had to abide by two conditions,“ explained Igor Nemecek, director of the Organizing Committee for the 2019 World Championship. „First, they had to be of a specific size and weight. Second, they had to be round. Of course, we used this opportunity to create medals with a Slovakian theme.“
Medals for best 3 teams
The medals were designed by Peter Packan and his team at the Packy Advertising agency.
“I got a free hand,“ Packan explained of how he worked through the process. „I chose both ice hockey players and the Slovak hills as the main themes, but I did this in an unusual way—by cutting out these images.“
The result created an interesting play of light and reflection thanks to a combination of shiny and matte metals. “It was a huge challenge and exciting experience,“ Packan enthused. „We are confident the players will enjoy these medals, especially when they hold them in their hands after winning  them!“
Packan made 30 medals of each of the three medals—gold, silver, and bronze. Each medal weighs 350 grams, and the entire collection was struck at the Kremnica mint, the same place where the medals for 2011 were made. The medals are made of copper and zinc.
Packan first had a 3D plaster model made which then became the cast for the creation of the medals. This duty was carried out by Branislav Ronai, in Kremnica, who then plated and antiqued the medals before attaching the ribbons to complete the full medal.
“The production process is more laborious and difficult than making coins,“ explained Jaroslav Setnicky, the head of sales for the Kremnica mint. „Treating the surface is also more complicated because what takes one stroke with coins takes many strokes for medals.“
Although there is a price to produce these medals, for the players who win them their value is of far greater symbolic importance.
“Medals and the World Championship trophy are the reasons the players play the game,“ Nemecek said. „The price of these objects doesn’t matter. For us, we’re delighted to have produced medals that will remind the players forever of where they won them. That was our main goal. We want the medals to be beautiful, just as we want the whole tournament to be beautiful in its special way.“
Assisting in the presntations of the medals will be hostesses dressed in Lenka Srsnova designs. The outfits will have a narrow waist and a rich circular skirt. The three-quarter sleeve top completes a playful shape that will look youthful and elegant at the same time.
“I was inspired by the existing visuals of the event,“ Srsnova explained. „I created a tailor-made look made with triangles and pink and blue shades. I think this will enhance the ceremonies, although the dresses are really just a small piece of a bigger picture. All the same, details are important.“


PACKY ADVERTISING is a full-service agency that has been in operation for ten years. Its team consists of skilled personnel who have a great deal of experience in advertising and communication. Their approach to each assignment is professional and enthusiastic.
The Kremnica mint was established in 1328 and has been producing coins and similar products for almost seven centuries. It is truly a world-class facility and has produced a broad portfolio of products for use around the world.
Although the mint’s biggest business is coins for daily use, it also produces commemorative and collector’s coins. Besides Euros for distribution in Slovakia, the mint produces coins for several countries in South America and Asia as well as for Sri Lanka, Guatemala, and Tunisia.
Among the best-known clothing designers in Slovakia, award-winning Lenka Srsnova is inspired and influence by all forms of art and creation. She uses intense, cheerful colours and distinct patterns to tell a story through her original designs.
Lenka’s colourful and playful world has become more and more popular in recent years, and her name guarantees originality and quality. You can find samples of her work in her showroom on Račianska 22/A in Bratislava and online at her e-shop.