Mayor of Kosice welcomes IIHF delegation
by Organizing Committee|16 MAY 2019
photo: Ján Sukup / 2019 IIHF MS

High representatives of the International Ice Hockey Federation, representatives of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship organizing committee, and representatives of the participating countries from Group A were received by the Mayor of Kosice city mayor, Jaroslav Polacek, in the Old Town Hall during a reception today. He expressed his thanks for their visit to Kosice, as well as his wish for them to return to the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia in the future. 

“On behalf of all Kosice inhabitants and myself, I would like to thank all the participants for visiting. I am delighted by how ready, tenacious, and enthusiastic the players of all the teams are. I am happy that there have been no serious problems during the organizing of the championship, and that everything has been going smoothly. The feedback from the participating countries and from the fans is great. I am thankful for the well-managed organizing of the championship from the side of the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation. As well, the city of Kosice has provided perfect conditions for an amazing atmosphere. We did everything to ensure safety, smooth traffic, and other things connected to the well-being of the inhabitants and visitors of Kosice,” Polacek said.

IIHF Life Member Frank Gonzalez, who chairs the tournament directorate in Kosice, evaluates the championship very positively so far. “We feel very good in Slovakia and in Kosice, and are thankful for your hospitality,” said Gonzalez.

The organizing committee itself speak highly of the collaboration with the city. “The collaboration with the city and other involved parties is on a very high level, and I believe that the teams, as well as guests, feel at home here,” said the local organizing committee director in Kosice, Aneta Budi.

“I want the best result for our hockey players, but I wish all teams the best of luck during the championship, and I wish all fans a lot of joy,” added Polacek.