Power Rankings
by IIHF.com|16 MAY 2019
Russia’s Nikita Kucherov has a tournament-leading 10 points, and his team also leads the latest edition of the Power Rankings.
photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
Ready for our fourth Power Rankings of the tournament? Riding a three-game shutout streak, the Russians stay on top, followed by Germany and Switzerland.
1 RUS We respect Italy’s cars (whoops, sorry, Skoda!)
2 GER Mwahahaha! Who could possibly beat us now?
3 SUI At 103, Ambuhl is a role model for active seniors
4 CAN Fun fact: in Canada, it is legal to be Stone
5 SWE Mr. Meier? You can hand pass it to us anytime
6 USA In the second period, we threw their tea into the harbour
7 FIN “Kaapo? This is Patrik. Did you take my sticks?”
8 CZE Goal by Funny Hat, the assist to Jagr Jersey, and to Krusovice
9 SVK Guys? It’s a “full 60,” not a “full 59”
10 LAT Life’s a Bicevskis
11 FRA “Bonjour, Cristobal! Say, can you still touch your toes?”
12 DEN Duckly passed out in the sauna
13 NOR Ignore the trolls, it’s time to roll
14 GBR Britain reinstates Kane-ing
15 AUT We’re focused on one game, and it rhymes with “hit a tree”
16 ITA Maybe ask the Pope?
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The Power Rankings are for the enjoyment of IIHF.com readers, and reflect the progress of teams during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. They are distinct from the official standings and IIHF World Ranking.