Ticket sale changes
by Organizing Committee|19 OCT 2018
Slovak ice hockey fans during a game.
photo: Jan Sukup
The Organizing Committee of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship that will take place 10-26 May 2019 in Slovakia has decided that fans who want to buy tickets for next year’s tournament will first have to fill in a registration form.

The mandatory registration before purchase is the latest measure the Organizing Commitee has taken to prevent scalpers from buying the tickets and re-selling them above cost. Theses re-sellers started buying tickets in September, crashing the official seller’s servers and influencing the order of the purchasers so that ordinary fans had trouble buying tickets. 

"We had talks with the official seller and tried to find an effective solution to the recent problems. We believe that mandatory registration for all fans who want to buy tickets will help. The registration will require the full name, e-mail address, and mobile phone number to which a verification code will be sent. Fans will be able to purchase tickets only after this verification. As Ticketportal confirms, 600 fans can buy tickets at any one moment on the official website. Of course, during peak periods, fans will also have to wait a bit longer, but at least we know that it’s fans and not scalpers who are buying the tickets,explained Slovak Ice Hockey Federation president Martin Kohut. 

After the purchasers have filled in the registration form, they will receive an e-mail with the Visiting and Organizational Rules of 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship along with the fan code of the Hockey Slovakia Club which they can enter to continue. The Rules contain a declaration that they are buying tickets for their own use only and that they will not re-sell them at any time.

The official seller, Ticketportal, strengthened their servers and other protective mechanisms so the huge interest by fans would not overwhelm their system. "We want to apologize to the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation again. We did everything to ensure that a similar situation as at the launch of sales would not happen again. The registration and verification in form of unique text messages should prevent any unwanted factors from entering the sales process. Our partner guaranteed that even at peak times the text messages will be delivered promptly," said Eduard Janosik, chairman of the Board of Directors of DENAX company, which is the supplier of software solutions for Ticketportal.

Another measure that has been implemented is the suspension of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship ticket sale at the offline stores of Ticketportal. Tickets are now available only online. "There are two options. The first one is the purchase of the so-called home ticket – a ticket which can be printed at home. The second option is the creation of an online reservation code. In this case it is possible to get and pay for the classic entrance ticket – the so-called hard ticket – at the offline stores of Ticketportal," Kohut explained. "We wanted to be forthcoming with fans as there are many who want to have the classic ticket. Also, Christmas is coming, and they will want to buy tickets as gifts,“ Kohut added.
The limit of four tickets will continue—and be stricter

As has always been the case, the maximum purchase per person is four tickets. But, thanks to the new registration process, buying more tickets through packages will now be impossible. In other words, if someone purchases the playoff package, he will not be able to purchase a day ticket for playoff games or single game playoff tickets in a particular venue. 

As well, if someone purchases day tickets, they will not be able to purchase single-game tickets for that day in a particular venue. "Which tickets people purchase is up to them, but they should think carefully whether to buy tickets in bigger packages or as day tickets, said Kohut.
Tickets will be released for sale gradually

The Organizing Committee set three stages of the ticket sale – in September and December 2018, and February 2019. The ticket sale will continue as planned. Tickets released in the first stage – event passes, preliminary-round packages, final-round packages, and day tickets for preliminary round games – will continue. In December, day tickets for final round games will be added, and in February single-game tickets will be released.

"There is a difference between the sale stages and ticket releases. The stages are about the types of tickets that are available. Particular limits of tickets will be released for sale gradually,“ said Michaela Grendelova, the Head of Media & Communication for the Organizing Committee. "We will not announce when and how many tickets will be released, but the release will be gradual. It is another measure against scalpers. We recommend that fans keep an eye on the official website for ticket sale at 2019.iihfworlds.com.“