Extra trains for Worlds
by Organizing Committee|04 MAR 2019
Train IC 521 MACEJKO
photo: Peter Jesenský
As part of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship promise to deliver a green tournament, the Slovakia Ice Hockey Federation is in cooperation with ZSSK Slovakrail to help make it easier for fans to get to and from the arenas in an environmentally-friendly way.

The national train service is adding seven trains for the tournament, which runs from 10 to 26 May in Bratislava and Kosice. The first train is named after the official WM mascot and is called IC 521 MACEJKO (Bratislava 06:01 – Košice 10:48). It will run on days during the World Championship when Slovakia plays, and it will inlcude four extra 2nd class carriages and a “fan“ carriage. 

Each passenger on the extra train will get a small gift – a fan scarf. As well, the return journey, train IC 526 MACEJKO (Košice 23:17 – Bratislava 03:58), will run only for Slovakia’s games during the preliminary round. The trains will be available not only for fans but also for players, referees, and delegates. These extra cars have been designed by Stano “JAS“ Malak.

“To host the world ice hockey championship is an extraordinary opportunity,“ said Filip Hlubocky, the chair of the board of directors and general director of ZSSK Slovakrail. “We offer a safe and ecologicaly efficient means of transportation, and we offer a bit more –fun in the fan carriage. Choosing the train over car will help traffic in the host cities and ease parking problems for fans near the arenas. It is our hope that fans will have an unforgettable experience at the World Championship, including memories of exciting travel.“

“We are happy to collaborate with ZSSK Slovakrail,“ added Michaela Grendelová, the 2019 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship head of Media & Communication. “To help fans travel easily between the two host cities is very important from an organizational point of view. Travelling by train also offers beautiful views of our beautiful country, which I‘m sure fans will appreciate.“

“I like train travel, especially if I don’t have a lot of luggage,“ said 2012 WM silver medalist Ján Laco. “It will be a great way to get to games during the World Championship. I had the pleasure of christening Macejko the mascot, and now I can also say the same about the new IC train.“ 

ZSSK Slovakrail has also launched a special hockey website www.vlakomnahokej.sk where fans can find useful information on transportation during the WM and on the additional trains.

As well, ZSSK Slovakrail will launch a new campaign starting in March and will give away scarves on Facebook and the World Championship website.
Timetable of hockey trains IC 521 Macejko and IC 526 Macejko
IC 521 Macejko (Bratislava hl. st. – Košice)
strenghtened on 10. 5., 11. 5., 13. 5., 
15. 5., 17. 5., 18. 5. a 21. 5. 2019
train station arrival departure
Bratislava hl. st.  - 06:01
Trnava 06:25 06:26
Trenčín 06:58 06:59
Žilina 07:50 07:52
Vrútky 08:09 08:10
Ružomberok 08:35 08:36
Liptovský Mikuláš 08:53 08:54
Poprad-Tatry 09:39 09:40
Spišská Nová Ves 09:56 09:57
Kysak 10:35 10:36
Košice 10:48  -
IC 526 Macejko (Košice – Bratislava hl. st.)
running on 10./11. 5., 11./12. 5., 13./14. 5., 15./16. 5., 
17./18. 5., 18./19. 5. a 21./22. 5. 2019
train station arrival Departure
Kosice - 23:17
Poprad-Tatry 00:20 00:21
Liptovský Mikuláš 01:06 01:07
Žilina 02:04 02:08
Trenčín 02:59 03:00
Trnava 03:34 03:35
Bratislava hl. st. 03:58 -

Note: The extra trainIC 526 Macejko (Košice 23:17 – Bratislava hl. st. 03:58) will run on 10./11. V., 11./12. V., 13./14. V., 15./16. V., 17./18. V., 18./19. V. and 21./22. V. 2019 (the days of Slovakia’s games in Kosice).