Volunteer opportunities

Working area

Description of the job position



This is the position, where you can meet all. Sportsmen, supporting teams, media, VIP guests, IIHF workers – all, who need accreditation will come to the accreditation centre. Your task is to welcome guests, check their identity documents, to photograph them and to issue respective accreditation cards. Background data for the production of accreditation cards are located in the computer system, for which you will be trained by us. We will welcome volunteers skilled in working with computers, communicative even in foreign language (English, German) and sympathetic.



Are you looking for a position with various experiences?  So register into the volunteer centre, where you will be assigned a task according to the current need. During day, you can help in the Media Centre, on the ice, in the fan zone or at the IIHF Congress. If you do not like tediousness and day “like through printing-out paper”, this is the position just for you. Each day is different.



Do you study medicine or are you interested in how doping inspections work? We offer you job with certified anti-doping inspectors. The accompanying of the selected player from the cloak room to the anti-doping room and then back to the cloak room will be your main task. In addition to the above, you shall strictly follow requirements of your superior, in order intimacy, impartiality and fair play would be preserved.



In time of play-off of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the IIHF Annual Congress will be held in Bratislava.

The congress is formal, and as a volunteer, you will have opportunity to see the course of negotiations of important representatives of sport; how important decisions are adopted within the framework of international ice hockey. Helping administrative workers of IIHF and technicians of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel to prepare the room, podium, technology, banners and documents for delegates before the beginning of the congress is your main task. During the congress, you will pass microphones to discussing delegates.



Opening and final ceremonies, pre-match and post-match ceremonies will be prepared during the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Their task will be to help in their technical support according to instructions of superiors (for example rolling the carpet on the ice, preparation of flag for the winner after match, podium and the like).  You will be near all players and important international persons in the sports and social area.


Game Operations

This is the important area for the operation of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. We are looking for people in our team, who understand ice hockey, mainly from professional aspects, who are able to concentrate and who have a high degree of concentration. You will be under pressure during the entire match. You will be responsible for delivery of all necessary background documents for television, radio and on-line media, in order they would be able to provide the actual information for fans worldwide, as well as directly in the arena. The fact that you shall be available during trainings, matches and even after matches is very important requirement for you as a volunteer. This is time demanding position, but you will obtain incredible view how the preparation of the entire match works, and you will be in direct contact with the backstage of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.


Hotel Service/Info Desk

Official guests of the championship will be accommodated during their stay in various hotels in Bratislava or in KoŇ°ice. You, as a volunteer for Hotel Service, will work at the Welcome Desk at the specified hotels, and you shall welcome participants in the championship. Your task is to provide guest the necessary information, and you must be available, if they ask for assistance and help. The relevant information that you will provide will be handed over to you by your superior.


IT /Technical support

Do you like working with the PC technology or do you study IT? Our IT team will need your assistance in IT solutions. Media including journalists, TV staffs, administrators of the IIHF and Organizing Committee of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship need internet and technical support for their work. This section is responsible for technical support of electronics, computers and their software, printers, coffee makers and the like.


Logistics and equipment

The well working logistic infrastructure is one of the most important factors of the successful world championship. As a volunteer, you will work with workers of the arena on faultless operation of its equipment. In addition to the application of logical thinking, your work will also be of physical nature (installation, dismantling). Your work will include the material and technical equipment of all official rooms in the arena for ice hockey teams and working teams.


Medical support

Ice hockey is contact sport including injuries, and just at that time we will need you. Your task will be helping experienced health worker. You shall have the valid first aid certificate for this position.


Media operation

Do you study journalism, communication or do you want to learn more about backstage work of media?   This is the position just for you. In the Media Centre, as a volunteer you will help journalists, photographers and IT staffs in their work. In addition to the above, you can participate in the operation of the mix zone, helping in coordination of photographers.



Do you want to be the first person welcoming visitors in the arena? Do you have friendly character and smile will never miss from your face? Then this is the position just for you. You will help in checking tickets and guiding visitors to their seats.  In addition to the above, you will have to know the zoning of the stadium, where persons with certain accreditation can/cannot go. The zoning of the stadium and meaning of the numbering on accreditation cards shall be studied by you before assuming the position.


Supervisor of


Do you like responsibility, work with people, do you like solve unexpected situations? The position of supervisor is for you. Coordination of the assigned group of volunteers, providing them the information necessary for their work and answering their questions will be your tasks. Simply said, you will be a liaison between them and managers of sections. In addition to the above, you shall daily supervise arrival of volunteers to their positions, send volunteers to ad hoc works according to requirements of any area. You shall check, whether they have prepared sufficient stock of beverages, coffee and meals between individual shifts.