Lilleberg suspended
by Adam Steiss|23 MAY 2021
The IIHF has issued a one-game suspension to Team Norway defenceman Emil Lilleberg for a violation of IIHF Playing Rule #124-Checking to the Head or Neck. 

The violation occurred in the second period at 22:52 of Norway’s game against Germany on 22 May. 

With Germany in the Norwegian defensive zone, German forward Maximilian Kastner had possession of the puck and was being approached by Lilleberg in an attempt to remove him from the puck with a check. After Kastner took a shot at the net. Lilleberg came up to Kastner and delivered a check with his upper arm/shoulder directly to the side of Kastner’s head. Following the play Lilleberg received a minor penalty and a 10-minute game misconduct for Checking to the Head and Neck. 

Following a review of the play, the IIHF Independent Disciplinary Panel determined that Lilleberg clearly saw Kastner make the shot and still determined to complete his check. 

The Panel determined that Lilleberg’s action was reckless and unnecessary and that a one-game suspension is warranted. Lilleberg will miss today’s game against Italy on 23 May. He will be eligible to return for Norway’s game on 25 May against Finland.