Schneider suspended
by Adam Steiss|27 DEC 2020
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to Team Canada defenceman Braden Schneider, for a violation of IIHF Official Rule 124-Checking to the Head and Neck Area.
The violation occurred at 08:40 in the 1st period of Canada vs. Germany. In an attempt to gain possession of an incoming puck from his teammate, German forward Jan-Luca Schumacher slowed down and decided to chip the puck outside of his defensive zone. At no time during this sequence did Schumacher establish control of the puck.
At the same time, Schneider skates towards Schumacher. Without any regard to the puck at any time and seeing his opponent in a vulnerable position, Schneider delivers a body check to the head of Schumacher. Schneider delivers the check slightly elevating his shoulder, hitting his opponent directly in the head.  

Based on all facts ascertained, the Disciplinary Panel determined that – while Schneider’s elbow was down and while there was a size difference between the two players – because Schneider slightly elevated his shoulder into Schumacher’s head resulting in the player’s head snapping back, Schneider actions were extremely dangerous, created a serious risk of injury to Schumacher and violated IIHF Official Rule 124 (Checking to the Head and Neck Area). Schneider could have easily avoided the check.
The Disciplinary Panel determined that because Schneider violated Official Playing Rule 124-Checking to the Head and Neck Area when checking Schumacher, he shall receive a one-game suspension. Schneider will miss Canada’s next preliminary round game against Slovakia, and will be eligible to return for the following game against Switzerland.