World Juniors winners
by Martin Merk|01 MAR 2021
This puck went in during the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship. And some were sent home to lucky winners recently.
photo: Andrea Cardin / HHOF-IIHF Images
It was a special 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship, on one hand because it took place during the COVID-19 pandemic creating great memories for participants and fans following it on TV and online, on the other hand because it had to be played without fans.

Despite that, some fans have become happy owners of World Juniors memorabilia through the various contests that were run in the IIHF App and our social media channels.

Below is the list of winners who have been contacted during the last weeks via e-mail and depending on their prize already received their package. Congrats to the winners!

Stay tuned for more competitions by finding them on our website, the IIHF App for iPhone and Android, and following our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter and VKontakte for our upcoming championships in spring!

Customized Bauer skates:
Dave Duffill
Edwin Alp
Daniel Eriksson
Laurie Keindel

Pucks in the fan trivia:
John Kerby
Michael Letendre
Raphael Dumais
Zan Gradisek
John Russell
Denisa Vesela
Adam Krok
Mackenzie Harper
Hayden Phillips
Zoe Mitchell

Hats in the fan trivia:
Jenna Hytonen
Rastislavv Gavalier
Kyle Handrahan

Pucks in the bracket challenge (QF):
Eric Artman
Thomas Houle
James Healey
Matthew Vachon
Petra Honkova
Chris Smith
Jakub Hilar Hrbek
Virve Vanhakoski
Tadeas Hricik
Jakub Horecny

World Juniors bundle in the bracket challenge (SF):
Matthew Dahlgren
Denise Sprung
Matthew Dunk
Jean Pelland
Dusan Bajs

World Juniors bundle in the bracket challenge (final):
Sami Mansikka
Henriikka Toivola
Mark Thomas
Mackenzie Donohue
Carson Gel

Pucks in the IIHF App contest:
Gavin Cox
Michael Fuciarelli
Jason Kvisle
Brian Purves
Matthew Burry
Ryan Kelley
Aapo Tulppo
Kacper Kowalski
Andrew Oldridge
Gavin Phul
Kevin Lanthier
Mack Kilb
Ronja Hark
Patrick John McGoey
Rick Peppar
Curtis Olshewski
Kevin Dowling
Michaela Ross
Kevin Wilson
Stanislav Larin

Tickets in the IIHF App contest:
Shaan Chander
Kosta P.
Eric Rowe
Samuel Im Hof
Liah Anania
Ryan Carroll
Bogdan Kursk
Thomas Jonas McKenna
Dave Doucette
Maximilian La Rocque