Through Her Eyes
by Storie Serres|19 NOV 2021
In 2019 the world watched as Finland and USA battled in the final of the IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship in Espoo, Finland.

Taking place inside a sold-out arena, and with 2.3 million viewers in Finland alone who watched some of the greatest players compete from start to finish, this tournament inspired a new generation of girls to pick up a hockey stick for the first time.
In a new partnership with players from Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, and Japan, the IIHF is launching a ambassador program aimed at telling the story of some of the world’s top female players and aim to “Inspire The Next”. 
Women’s hockey has seen saw an 19% rise in popularity between 2011-2019. More girls are getting into the sport, and the promotion of Hungary and Denmark at the 2021 Women’s World Championships and the historic Olympic qualification of the Danes and the Czech Republic serves to support that a new era with new horizons for women’s hockey is upon us.
Women's Hockey Amassadors
Women’s hockey ambassadors will showcase hockey from a players’ perspective leading up to the Olympic Winter Games. Make sure not to miss our videos, stories and posts on and our social media accounts.
19 NOV 2021
But the story of women’s hockey is more than what’s on the ice. Female players juggle school, work, and family life, all while working for a roster spot on their respective Olympic national teams. In the lead-up to the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, the IIHF will be showcasing from the athletes’ perspective what it takes to battle for an Olympic roster spot.
From Instagram Takeovers, TikTok videos, articles, and special features, get to know the women’s hockey ambassadors from through own voice as they take you into their world and towards the Olympics. Players from the qualified teams will be showcased, and include past Olympians Ronja Savolainen (Finland), Petra Nieminen (Finland), Lara Stalder (Switzerland), Akane Hosoyamada (Japan), Chiho Osawa (Japan), Alexandra Vafina (ROC) and Olympic hopefuls Lena-Marie Lutz (Switzerland) and Samantha Kolowrat (Czech Republic).
Follow the IIHF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok as these ambassadors of women’s hockey showcase their journey to the world’s biggest stage; The Beijing Olympics.

Fans can also use the hashtags #IIHF and #InspireTheNext to join the social conversation and engage with the ambassador program.