Volunteers of the day: 14 May
by Organisaatio|14 MAY 2023
photo: Arttu Timonen/IIHF
On Sundays first game, dentist Miika Kujanpää from medical team was awarded as the volunteer of the day. For Miika, who is from Tampere, this year is the first as a volunteer. He joined the medical team encouraged by his colleagues. ”Familiar dentists took me in and I decided to join and share their work load”, Miika says.
As a dentist, Miika’s task is to take care of the players’ smiles, which means dental care and emergency dental treatment. He aims to ensure that any potential dental traumas do not get into players’ way as they go on in the tournament.
On the third day of volunteering, Miika mentions that the best part so far has been ”getting a feel for the atmosphere of the games” and watching the matches up close. Getting to know other team members has also been the highlight of the past few days for Miika.
As the tournament progresses, Miika has one important wish: ”Let’s hope that the players’ teeth remain intact”.
Sunnuntain toisen vaparipalkinnon sai Saija Vainio. Perustelussa todettiin kuinka ajojärjestelijät ovat kovaamaton osa turnauksen kuljetusjärjestelyjä. Saija on innokkaasti aloittanut vapaaehtoistyöt ja osoittanut tarkkuutta ja aktiivisuutta.
photo: Arttu Timonen / IIHF
Transport coordinator Saija Vainio was also awarded today as the volunteer of the day. Vainio is 29 years old and lives in Tampere. She received heart-warming recognition in the second period of France-Denmark match.
“Wow, this was a huge surprise to me,” Vainio describes her feelings.
Vainio’s job as a transport coordinator is just what the job description says: she coordinates transports. She makes sure that certain vehicle is in a right place at the right time and right people on it.
” Everyone has arrived at time. At least so far,” Vainio say and laughs.
Award’s argument says that transport coordinators are priceless piece of tournaments driving arrangements. Reasoning also thanks how well Vainio has started her voluntary work and has showed huge activity and accuracy.
Laura Kärkkäinen työskentelee Logistiikassa.
photo: Arttu Timonen / IIHF
Laura Kärkkäinen from Logistics was awarded today as the volunteer of the day. Laura is originally from Iisalmi, and lives nowadays in Tampere. Laura has done a lot of volunteer work and she was working also in last year’s world championship tournament in Tampere.
Laura has herself sport background. “It is great to be able to contribute”, says Laura.
According to Laura, the best experience so far from the tournament has been the first day. The good feeling was visible in the whole town.
Laura wants to welcome all to take part to volunteer work. “This gives good work experience”, says Laura.