Volunteers of the day: 25 May
by Organizing Committee|25 MAY 2023
Maarit Latosaari.
photo: Arttu Timonen
In the first game on Thursday, Maarit Latosaari was awarded as the volunteer of the game. She works in the sport office. Maarit´s tasks include running different kind of errands and helping teams and organizers.

“We take care of, for example, gym reservations and delivering tickets. Yesterday I was at the hotel helping with room allocations.”

Maarit was also a volunteer at last year’s Worlds and decided to apply again because of the good experience.

“Last year I didn’t quite know what to expect, but the sport office had such a good atmosphere and nice team. I have also followed ice hockey since I was little, so it has been great to be a part of this.”

Regarding the finals, Maarit hopes that everything would continue to go smoothly, and the atmosphere would remain as good.
Jonna Putaansuu työskentelee yleisö EA-tiimissä, jonka tehtäviin kuuluu katsomossa olevien henkilöiden ensihoito sekää muihin terveysasioihin vastaaminen.
photo: Arttu Timonen
Thursdays second volunteer of the day was Jonna Putaansuu, who works in public first aid team. Her role is super important: if something happens to the member of public, Putaansuu and first aid team steps in.

“We suppose to stay back until we are needed. You can’t see use, but we are always there.”

Putaansuu is 35 years old and lives in Ylöjärvi. She worked as a volunteer also in last year’s tournament and in a same role. In public first aid team Putaansuu helps with big and small injuries, in sudden attacks and cares wounds and little aches.

“Usually, treatment hear in Nokia Area is enough, but luckily we have a hospital nearby.”

Putaansuu works as a nurse in her civil life. Putaansuu sends a big commendation to her public aid team. “Everything has been absolutely great!”

In her free time Putaansuu likes to do camping, outdoor and handcraft. Putaansuu admits that she has been a huge ice hockey fan since a little girl, but she hasn’t been interested in NHL or Finnish National League. What then?

“This! Ice Hockey World Championship is a massive thing for me.”

The tournament is turning to the end, which is a happy thing for Putaansuu’s family.

“My husband has been at home and an ice hockey “widow”. He just said how great it is that there is not going be tournament next year in Finland. I must admit that I haven’t been at home much lately, or like non,” Putaansuu says laughing and sends her love to home.