Bob and Bobek are coming back to Prague and Ostrava
by Organizing Committee|26 SEP 2023
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation
The iconic mascots of the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Prague and Ostrava are returning to the scene after nine years. The fans will be cheered up again by the pair of rabbits, Bob and Bobek, with the numbers 20 and 24 on their jerseys, which together represent the year of the 2024 IIHF WM.
The rabbits were very popular in 2015. They gained a huge success as mascots in the arenas but also in the form of souvenirs in our merchandising. When planning the 2024 IIHF WM, the Organizing  Committee thoroughly discussed how the mascot, which will be one of the main elements of entertainment in the arenas and in connection with the event, should look and function.

During this time, several options with the experts were discussed. “It is not easy to find a solution that meets the requirements of the relationship with Czechia, ice hockey, the activity of the mascot and the acceptance of the fans. In the end, out of all the possibilities, Bob and Bobek won again, and will wear a new jersey with the 2024 IIHF WM logo" explains Petr Bříza, President of the Organizing Committee in Prague.
Compared to the 2015 IIHF WM, the rabbits will wear blue jerseys in place of the red ones. "The rabbits do not represent a specific team but the 2024 IIHF WM. Therefore, they will wear brand new jerseys with the championship logo," adds Vladimír Šafařík, General Secretary of the 2024 IIHF WM.
Simultaneously with the tickets sale start on 10 October, some selected merchandising products will become available in the online shop. The full merchandising collection will be added over the next months until the on-site stores will open their doors in May 2024.

More information about the 2024 Official Merchandising (online as of 10.10.23):