“Gothenburg is happy to have this lovely tournament”
by Martin Merk|06 JAN 2023
Anders Larsson and Mikael Strom presented the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship to the press in Halifax.
photo: Matt Zambonin / IIHF
The next IIHF World Junior Championship will be played from 26 December 2023 to 5 January 2024 in Gothenburg and the representatives from Sweden spoke to the media in Halifax on the last day of the 2023 event.

“We had many cities in Sweden who wanted to become an organizer because the IIHF World Junior Championship is not only about a World Championship but also about the future. Gothenburg is the second-largest city of Sweden and a city and region that really breathes hockey,” said Anders Larsson, President of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association and member of the IIHF Council.

Gothenburg started its 400-year anniversary celebrations that will conclude with the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship as part of it.

“Gothenburg is a sustainable destination and this approach is important for us. We want to grow the game of hockey, want more kids to join the hockey schools, want a growing audience at the arenas. Both arenas are located in Gothenburg and all the teams, fans and media can go easily to both arenas that are just six kilometres apart from each other,” Larsson added.

Tickets will be at affordable prices ranging from SEK 120 to 750 (approx. €10-70). “We started with selling 3,000 ticket packages before knowing all the teams and the schedule and they were sold out within 30 minutes,” said Larsson. The official ticket sale will start on 14 February 2023 through Ticketmaster.
Gothenburg is a true hockey city in Sweden – and a successful one. It did not only develop many ice hockey players into world-class stars but has also one of Europe’s most successful clubs of the recent years. During the past seven years Frolunda won two Swedish championships and four Champions Hockey League titles.

“Frolunda is an elite club in Europe and we have good youth programs and work with 17 local clubs in the Gothenburg area to develop more great players. Every club helps to make hockey grow and we’re looking forward to having the World Juniors in Gothenburg,” said Mikael Strom, representative of the local organizing committee and the Frolunda Hockey Club

The club’s two traditional arenas will be used for the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship.

Scandinavium with a capacity for 12,044 spectators is located in the city centre with many hotels and restaurants around. “And we hope to have a great atmosphere as here in Halifax,” said Strom.

Frolundaborg is the smaller arena with a capacity of 6,044 fans. “It’s close to the city centre, we have our youth and women’s programs there. We hope to get promoted with our new women’s team and have more girls play hockey in the future,” Strom said. The arena is close to the city so that fans can easily reach both venues to watch games. Frolundaborg is also the home for Frolunda’s games in the Champions Hockey League.

“Everybody in Gothenburg is happy to have this lovely tournament and we’re looking forward to seeing you there,” concluded Strom.