A world-class sustainable event

As hosts of the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship, we want the tournament to be more than just an event. We want to use the event to create positive lasting change, for both the sport and for society. For us to succeed, everyone needs to be involved, from organizers, to host city governments, participating teams, partners and fans.  
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation

Sustainability certification - for the first time 

Sustainability must be at the core of everything we do. To showcase our high level of sustainability work, the organizing committee is applying to the Sustainable Event Certification. It will be the first time this certification will be awarded for both the World Juniors and a hockey championship in Sweden!

This means that we work actively with sustainability goals in all areas: economically, ecologically and socially. It is very much about reducing our climate footprint, but also about being inclusive and accessible.

The certification "Sustainable Event" is issued by the company Greentime and connects the sustainability work with the UN's global sustainability goals according to Agenda 2030.

Your guide to becoming a great event visitor 

Here's how you can help us create a more sustainable event: 
  • Walk or travel with Gothenburg's excellent public transport. Tram No 8 runs between both arenas. More information about public transport
  • Sort your rubbish in the correct bin. 
  • Avoid buying bottled water, drink water from the taps, or fill up your own water bottle from the taps in the arenas. 
  • Avoid disposable materials.
  • Choose locally sourced, sustainable food options when possible.
  • Stay in an eco-friendly hotel if you can. You can find the right one here.
  • Treat everyone you meet with respect – even if they may not support the same nation as you do. Together we contribute to a good atmosphere in the arena

Accessibility - The World Junior Championship is for everyone 

Regardless of background or accessibility, you should feel welcome and included at the World Juniors. Therefore, we are making several efforts to make the event accessible to more people. It is both about physical solutions in the arenas that make it easier before and during the visit, but also about training for the 450 people who work behind the scenes in different ways. Together with the City of Gothenburg, we have also made it possible for people with disabilities to participate as volunteers.

Read more about accessibility in the arenas

The next generation of hockey culture

To leave an even greater positive legacy after the event, we organizers are also implementing a project that will contribute to creating a better culture in hockey. We believe that the culture is an important key to getting more people to start playing and stay in the sport. And of course, a safe group where you can be yourself will also affect performance. Read more about the Puck of Emotions project:

Sustainability Policy
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