WJC should contribute to creating lasting impact - for hockey and society
by Organizing Committee|01 NOV 2023
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation
Tomorrow's big hockey stars will soon come to Gothenburg to fight for the gold and glory during the 2024 IIHF World Juniors. In connection with that, the organizers are making an effort to improve the hockey culture for future generations.

More than an event

The initiators of the Puck of Emotion project are the Swedish Ice Hockey Association together with the Gothenburg Ice Hockey Association and the municipal company Gothenburg & Co.

"We want the WJC to be more than an event and leave a long-term positive impression in the areas of equality, gender equality and health", says Mikael Haglund, WJC Director. "We chose to focus on culture, as we believe it is a key to getting more kids to start playing, not least girls, and to enjoy and stay in their sport. A lot is already good, but we want it to be even better!"

Feel, talk, ask, listen

The project highlights the importance of feeling safe and being able to be yourself in your team. To dare to show emotions even outside the field, and to show concern for each other. Because in a nice culture, everyone will feel better - and perform at their best.

"Hockey is a tough sport. The players who have reached really high definitely have the cockiness but also a humility and thoughtfulness", says Kim Martin Hasson, sports manager for Frölunda Hockey and ambassador for WJC in Gothenburg. "When we take off the protections, we need a safe and caring environment where everyone can be themselves."

Together we create the next generation of hockey culture

The Puck of Emotion project has a strong focus on the adults who are responsible for creating safe environments where children and young people can thrive and develop. A training of local leaders was carried out during September with the aim of providing tools to create a nice culture. The training will continue to be carried out continuously every year.

During WJC, an inspiration seminar is held to increase the knowledge and inspiration of adults who meet young people in sports to work actively to create a nice culture.

In November, a communication campaign is carried out on social media and aimed at a wider target group.