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Welcome to Gothenburg!

Sweden’s second-largest city is located on the west coast, easily accessible from around the world and an ideal city for a major sporting event.
The entire city is your venue thanks to its size and that is only one of the reasons that make Gothenburg one of Europe’s leading event cities. Facilities such as the competition venue, hotel rooms, cultural facilities, restaurants, and shopping are all situated in the city centre. Everything is within walking distance!
Gothenburg is a friendly city with an open and hospitable atmosphere. The general population speaks English, so visitors can rely on being understood in most situations. And when it comes to major sporting events, the people of Gothenburg make a wonderful audience: dedicated, curious and loyal.
It is no coincidence that Gothenburg has several times been voted the friendliest city in Sweden. The city’s approach to sustainability has gained international recognition and Gothenburg has been named one of the world’s most sustainable destinations.
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Welcome to Gothenburg and to the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship!