Travel to and within Gothenburg
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You can travel to Gothenburg in several ways, but if you have the possibility, choose an alternative that is environmentally friendly. 

Once in Gothenburg, it is easy to get around by foot, by cycling or taking public transportation. Based on the UN’s global sustainability goals, Gothenburg’s ambition is to be nearly emission-free by the year 2030. Those who visit an event here can do a lot to make an impact. Information about getting around in Gothenburg can be found here.

By train

There are many operators that run train connections to and from the central station in Gothenburg, connecting the city with the Scandinavian capitals Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. The journey times are just under 4 hours from Oslo, around 3 hours from Stockholm and 3,5 hours from Copenhagen. The trains from Denmark stop at Copenhagen international airport, making it a convenient option to fly there and catch the train to Gothenburg.

For more information about taking the train to Gothenburg and for links to operators click here.

By air

The international airport Landvetter (GOT) is located 20 kilometres south-east of the city centre and you can travel from various destinations in Europe.  It’s easy to get to and from the airport with the shuttle bus service Flygbussarna and the journey time is 25 minutes. Taxi or rental cars are also available at the airport. You also have the possibility to fly to  Copenhagen and then take the train to Gothenburg.

By bus

The bus terminal Nils Ericssonterminalen is serviced by long distance and express bus companies like Flixbus, Nettbus and Bus4you. You can easily travel by bus to Gothenburg from major cities in Sweden and Scandinavia. The journey time is around 3,5 hours from Oslo, 6,5 hours from Stockholm, 3,5 hours from Malmo and 5 hours from Copenhagen.

By ferry

Stena Line is running direct ferry routes from Fredrikshavn (Denmark) and Kiel (Germany). The ferry terminal for Fredrikshavn is located at Masthuggstorget, near the city centre. The ferries to Germany leave from the terminal in Klippan, a little further out in the harbour.

More information about ferries to Gothenburg.

By car

The European highway routes E6, E20 and E45 pass through Gothenburg, making it easy to arrive by car. Swedish roads are toll free, except for congestion charges in Gothenburg and Stockholm. The charge is applicable to all cars, driving in/out or through Gothenburg on weekdays and the car-owner is automatically invoiced. There are plenty of parking spaces in Gothenburg.
More information about parking lots can be found at