Bartak suspended
by Adam Steiss|17 JUN 2019
Lukasz Bartak, Czech-Polish forward, accepts an 18-month suspension issued by the IIHF Office. The suspension comes as a result of Bartak testing positive for Higenamine, a prohibited substance listed on the 2019 WADA Prohibited List under S3 Beta-2 Agonists as a specified substance.

Bartak’s suspension is effective starting from 9 February 2019, the date of his positive test. He will be ineligible to participate in any ice hockey or other WADA-compliant sporting activities until 9 August, 2020. 

Bartak’s positive test came during an in-competition test following the BeNe League match between Bulldogs Liege and Geleen Eaters Limburg. The doping test on Bartak carried out by the National Anti-Doping Organization of the French Community of Belgium (“ONAD”). However, as the ONAD has no Results Management authority over the Player, in accordance with the IIHF Doping Control Regulation, and Article 7 WADC, the IIHF conducted Results Management in the case.

In analyzing this Case, based on the Lab Report (Adverse Analytical Finding) and Bartak’s submissions provided to the IIHF, the IIHF determined the following:
  1. The Player committed an anti-doping rule violation in accordance with Article 2.1.1 of the World Anti-Doping Code (presence of Higenamine in Player’s A Sample);
  2. The Player took a supplement called ‘pre work out dietary supplement 51/50’ by Rich Piana, which contains Higenamine;
  3. The Player did not check the supplement with the team doctor but asked the owner of the shop where he bought the supplement whether an ice hockey player was allowed use it; 
  4. It cannot be established that the anti-doping rule violation was intentional; 
  5. The Player lacks anti-doping knowledge and education, and the level on which the Player performs should be considered; and
  6. The Player timely admitted to the ADRV.