Camp in Korea is back
by KIHA|18 AUG 2022
It took six years to bring the Hockey Together camp back to Korea. Last Tuesday the Korean organizers welcomed the return of the 2022 Hockey Together Camp.
The week-long camp, part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) program of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, brings together 86 local Korean players and 27 coaches from 13 countries such as Mexico, North Macedonia, Malaysia and Türkiye. The Hockey Together camp aims to develop, share and further the education of these coaches by sharing each other's knowledge and experiences in a friendly and inclusive environment.
The Korea Ice Hockey Association (KIHA) hosted and organized three programs for the 2022 Hockey Together Camp: Coaching Education, U18 player development, and the U10 Learn To Play (LTP) program. 
The KIHA and the Korean Government sponsored the travel and education of the selected coaches from the participating ODA countries and members of the IIHF nominated by their Member National Associations. Furthermore, the programs featured at the camp are a benchmark of the IIHF's development and education programs, specifically aimed at assisting ODA countries with geographical considerations.
“It has been tough to bring this program back to Korea and get everyone together in one place. But I am ecstatic to see everyone happy, showing their passion for hockey and their eagerness to learn. I was very impressed with the great atmosphere created by all, including the instructors, staff, and participants with the participating coaches discussing hockey daily until midnight. And special thanks to Aku and our staff members for making this happen. I sincerely hope that we can continue this program next year and hope we can have more participants to share our passion for hockey with,” said Camp Manager Kwangeun Choi.