Update on Russia and Belarus
by IIHF|22 MAR 2023
Russian and Belarusian teams will not be reincorporated for the 2023/2024 season.
photo: Andre Ringuette / IIHF
Today at its regularly scheduled meeting, the IIHF Council reviewed the current safety risks associated with reincorporating the Russian and the Belarusian National and Club Teams into IIHF Competitions.
Based on a detailed risk assessment from a renowned company that specializes in assessing risks due to various global challenges, the IIHF Council determined that it is not yet safe to reincorporate the Russian and Belarusian Teams back into IIHF Competitions, and that it will not be safe for the upcoming 2023/2024 IIHF Championship season. Therefore, the IIHF will move forward with the 2023/2024 IIHF Championship season without the Russian and Belarusian Teams.