IIHF President in UA Emirates
by IIHF|19 OCT 2023
photo: © UAE Ice Hockey Federation
The United Arab Emirates, widely known for its famous skyscrapers and attractions in Dubai and its capital Abu Dhabi, has made some significant steps forward, including earning promotion in the last season to the IIHF World Championship Division IIA. The UAE joined the IIHF World Championship Program in 2012.
In his recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, IIHF President Luc Tardif spoke with the sport authorities as well as the UAE Ice Hockey Federation about their status and the future development of ice hockey on domestic, regional and international levels.

“Definitely we can see and feel the efforts from the UAE Ice Hockey Federation which are an active member and partner in all development programs the IIHF provides. Now after their promotion and big achievement for their country, it was and is also time to regroup and to consolidate the programs in every single aspect. As a next step, improvements will be considered and implemented where required specifically in coaching, officiating and in domestic leagues“, so IIHF President Tardif.

Visits of two multi-purpose venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where also on the agenda, which could provide the necessary environment for international ice hockey events and the Learn To Play (LTP) Program, which experienced a new boost since Learn to Play was held in Abu Dhabi back in April 2023.
IIHF President Luc TARDIF visit to the UAE
In the discussion with the National Olympic Committee as well as the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the efforts from side of the UAE Ice Hockey Federation were reconfirmed as they strive to reach new heights: “Definitely, UAE set the base in several aspects on domestic as well as regional level and we can feel the willingness and support from the authorities and the UAE Ice Hockey Federation leadership, especially from the president, H.E. Dr Ahmed Mubarak Al Mazrouei“.
The IIHF Asia and Oceania Office was relocated to Abu Dhabi in Autumn 2022. With its location and direct gateways to many Asian and Oceania countries, the capital is an ideal place from which the operations and efforts from side of the IIHF were put on a completely new level. Many development activities were initiated and introduced to the Asian and Oceania region in the last 18 months and the communication between the IIHF and the IIHF Members has grown significantly.
IIHF President Luc Tardif, who was also accompanied by IIHF Vice-President Aivaz Omorkanov, looks forward to the further cross-regional development.