Integrity Awareness Week: Reporting by the numbers
by Derek O'BRIEN|14 DEC 2023
photo: © International Ice Hockey Federation
In order to stay ahead in the ongoing struggle to maintain a high level of integrity in the sport of ice hockey and keep the game safe for all involved, the International Ice Hockey Federation launched a reporting system last November for incidents that violate the four pillars of IIHF Integrity: Anti-Doping, Competition Manipulation, Abuse & Harassment and Ethics.

This system has made it easier to report incidents of concern without fear of reprisal. Anyone who witnesses an incident has several options available for reporting it. Reports can be made via Sideline – an easy-to-use online form, by email or in person. Reports can also be made anonymously.

From the launch of the reporting system in November 2022 until the end of September 2023 – a span of 11 months – 294 reports were received. Of these reports:
  • 174 were submitted anonymously
  • 279 were received through Sideline – the online reporting form
  • 6 were received in-person
  • 9 were received through our dedicated e-mail address

Additionally, it should be noted that of the 294 incident reports received, 14 were forwarded to Member National Associations for their dedicated Integrity Officer to act on based on their national authority and internal procedures in place. In all national cases, the IIHF remains aware of the situation and reviews any final reports.

Since the launch of the online system, there has been a steady increase in reporting month-over-month, and fluctuates based on the number of IIHF events being held. While the IIHF strives for an incident-free ecosystem, it is assuring that those affected are in fact using the tool and the IIHF is able to help.

By The Numbers: Reported Incidents by Month:
  • 3 in November 2022 (online reporting form introduced)
  • 35 in December 2022 (World Juniors & Integrity Awareness Raising Week)
  • 47 in January 2023 (U18 Women’s World Championship)
  • 13 in February 2023
  • 16 in March 2023
  • 16 in April 2023 (Women’s World Championship, U18 Worlds)
  • 98 in May 2023 (World Championship)
  • 10 in June 2023
  • 12 in July 2023
  • 23 in August 2023
  • 21 in September 2023