Welcome to ice hockey! It is great to have you and your child as part of the global hockey family!

This page is dedicated to you and your child (up until the age of about 18 years which is  when they move into the advanced stage) and provides you with information on ice hockey, physical activity, multi-sport participation, sleep, recovery, safety, how to best support your child playing hockey, and many other topics.

Furthermore, you will find information on nutrition and hydration as well as well-being and lifestyle in the other parts of the IIHF Player Development Guide.

Here are some of the reasons that children all over the world have named as reasons for wanting to play and be involved in sport and especially in ice hockey:
  • Enjoyment
  • Feeling of competence
  • Learning new skills
  • Being with friends and making new friends
  • Creating great memories
  • Gaining experiences

Thank you again for showing an interest in your child’s hobby and development!