External Resources
The IIHF acknowledges and wishes to promote the great work done by other organizations to address their missions to develop ice hockey in particular and sport in general. 

This page is dedicated to player development related resources from the IIHF Membership and other external organizations. These are not only good resources but also great examples and benchmarks for others to utilize. 

The IIHF will keep populating this page with further resources that are based on long-term athlete development models or evidence-based research on, for example, coaching. As a further resource to the IIHF Player Development Guide, the Hockey Centre with older IIHF materials is also included.

See below to learn more:
Canada: Long-Term Player Development Model
Finland: Path of a Lion
Germany: Training Framework Concept
Russia: Red Machine
Sweden: Home Ice Model
Switzerland: Swiss Made Hockey
USA: American Development Model
iCoachKids: iCoachKids
International Council for Coaching Excellence: ICCE
IIHF Hockey Centre: Older IIHF resources