IIHF Congress

The Congress is the IIHF's highest legislative body and makes decisions about the rules of the game, the Statutes & Bylaws and the regulations and codes. 

The Congress meets twice every year, once at the Annual Congress and once at the Semi-Annual Congress. An IIHF Congress may be an Ordinary Congress or an Extra-Ordinary Congress.

The Congress, which is made up by representatives from all IIHF member national associations, elects the IIHF Council members, including the President and the Vice-Presidents.

The IIHF elections are held every four years and during the Semi-Annual Congress. The next elections will take place in 2026.


Click here for the Election Document that were used for the elections in 2021.

This IIHF Election Document sets out the all information, rules and procedures for all candidates wishing
to be considered for election to the IIHF Council and IIHF Internal Auditors. The elected positions include
President, Senior Vice President, Regional Vice Presidents, Council Members and Internal Auditors.

Annual Congress

The Congress meets every year at the Annual Congress which is held during the IIHF World Championship.

The Annual Congress is organized by the IIHF office in co-operation with the host of the IIHF World Championship.

The next Annual Congress will take place in Prague, Czechia from the 23 May to the 25 May 2024.

Semi-Annual Congress

The Congress meets every year at the Semi-Annual Congress which is held between 1 September and 15 October.

The Semi-Annual Congress is organized by the IIHF office in co-operation with the hosting Member National Association.

The last Semi-Annual Congress took place in Vilamoura, Portugal from the 5 to the 7 October 2023.

Ordinary Congress

Notice of all Ordinary Congresses will be given by the IIHF office not later than eight weeks before such Congress. All relevant documents, including the Agenda, will be sent out at least four weeks before the Congress.

Extraordinary Congress

An Extraordinary Congress shall be called only upon written request of one fifth of the IIHF Full Member National Associations or by the IIHF Council. The items on the agenda shall be limited to those specified at the time the Extra-Ordinary Congress was requested.

An Extra-Ordinary Congress shall occur within twelve weeks following the request for such Meeting.

The IIHF shall provide notice and purpose of the Extra-Ordinary Congress to the Member National Associations in writing no later than two weeks prior to the Congress.

An Extra-Ordinary Congress may be held in person or electronically.