Al-Muhairbi passes away
by Adam Steiss|04 NOV 2019
Al-Muhairbi at the 2011 Challenge Cup of Asia. 
photo: Emirates Ice Sports Federation

It is with great sadness and sorrow that the Emirates Ice Sports Federation has announced the death of national team player Juma Hayez Al-Muhairbi, who passed away last Friday in a tragic car accident.

The 21-year-old played at the Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club for his team the Abu Dhabi Storms. Internationally, he competed in the 2012 IIHF U18 Challenge Cup of Asia and again in 2015 at the senior men’s Challenge Cup of Asia.  

He comes from an ice hockey family where his father is a UAE ice hockey player and captain of the Shaheen team of the Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club, as well as his brothers Issa, Obaid, Omar and Sara all play ice hockey in different age levels at the club.