Baskov heads BIHA
by Martin Merk|09 SEP 2020
Dmitri Baskov is the new President of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Association.
photo: BIHA
The Belarusian Ice Hockey Association has appointed Dmitri Baskov as new President. He succeeds Gennadi Savilov, who resigned on 26 August after over two years in this position.

Baskov, who was one of the Vice Presidents and had already served as interim President for the last two weeks, was today confirmed by the delegates at an electoral conference in Minsk. He will continue the four-year term that ends in the summer of 2022.

“Today I enter the position of president of the ice hockey association and I’m glad that this was preceded by a long path allowing me to go through the entire sports vertically from the very beginning: from player to youth coach, U18 and U20 national teams, from head of a hockey school to the general director of a club from the second-strongest professional league of the world. I’m sure that the experience gained will allow us to work with the highest efficiency for the benefit of Belarusian hockey,” Baskov said in his opening speech and assured that he “does not plan to carry out any revolutions”.

“We had in many respects similar views on the development of hockey with Gennadi Gennadievich [Savilov], so the general direction will stay as before.”

Same as Savilov, Baskov is a former ice hockey player. As goaltender the 42-year-old played in the Belarusian Extraliga for many years. He represented Belarus internationally at IIHF events of the U18 and U20 category and also appeared on the men’s national team.

After finishing his career as a player in 2010 he continued as goaltending and assistant coach of various teams in Belarus including the U18 national team before heading the Dynamo Minsk hockey school and becoming the General Director of KHL team Dynamo Minsk in 2018. In 2017 he was named Vice President of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Association and joined the executive board of the National Olympic Committee.

Following his election Baskov announced that he will leave his position at Dynamo Minsk where a successor will be presented in the near future.

The delegates also elected Svetlana Marchenko to the executive committee where she completes the troika of Vice Presidents with IIHF Council member Sergej Gontcharov and Anatoli Varivonchik.