World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend coming soon
by Martin Merk|01 OCT 2021
After a pandemic-induced break, the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend will be back this year and is scheduled for 15-17 October 2021.

While some countries may still be facing restrictions and may have to pass this year, the IIHF welcomes try-hockey events for girls and women in all countries and regions where it is feasible considering the Covid-19 situation and government measures.

The World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is a global opportunity for girls to try out ice hockey as a new sport. Thousands of participants have taken part in the editions since 2011. It is a chance for girls and women of any age to come together to learn the basics of ice hockey and play our fantastic sport.

Events can be organized by national and regional ice hockey associations, leagues, club teams or any group that wants to come together to support the growth of women’s hockey and spreading the word.

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Also the Global Girls’ Game will be back this season and is scheduled for 5-6 March 2022.

What does the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend look like? Check our gallery below for images from all over the world:
2019 World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend