Canada, Finland lead World Rankings
by Martin Merk|30 MAR 2022
The Finnish men and the Canadian women are on top of the ice hockey world.
photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The Olympic champions move to top spot in the March edition of the 2022 IIHF World Rankings. Finland overtakes Canada in the Men’s World Ranking while Canada replaces the United States in the Women’s World Ranking.

In the new edition of the rankings based on the performance of the last four years, the points earned at the 2018 Olympics were replaced with the points from the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and the Olympic Qualification tournaments for Beijing 2022, which caused some movement.

On the men’s side Russia and USA remain in third and fourth place while Sweden and Switzerland moved up two spots coming fifth and sixth. For Switzerland this is the highest position ever in the Men’s World Ranking. The top-8 are completed by Czechia and Slovakia. Germany, the silver medallist back in 2018, lost four positions and is now ninth.

Denmark, which for the first time qualified for both the men’s and women’s Olympic ice hockey tournaments and reached the quarter-finals, moved up two positions to tenth place.

In the Women’s World Ranking the United States lost the top spot after having been first-ranked for six consecutive years. Canada is now on top after winning the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship and the 2022 Olympic women’s ice hockey tournament.

Finland remains a stable third – a position the Finnish women’s team has held since 2015. The Swiss women move up to fourth place for the first time since 2015 at the expense of Russia. Japan and Czechia remain in sixth and seventh place while Sweden moved up to eight at the expense of Germany. Thanks to qualifying for the Olympics, Denmark took tenth place from Hungary. China, which finished played at the Olympics for the first time since 2010 and finished ninth out of ten, moved up three spots to 17th.

The next World Rankings will be published later this year once all men’s and women’s tournaments of the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship program will be completed.

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2022 IIHF World Rankings (March edition)

Rank Men Women
1 Finland Canada
2 Canada USA
3 Russia Finland
4 USA Switzerland
5 Sweden Russia
6 Switzerland Japan
7 Czechia Czechia
8 Slovakia Sweden
9 Germany Germany
10 Denmark Denmark
11 Latvia Hungary
12 Norway France
13 France Austria
14 Belarus Norway
15 Kazakhstan Slovakia
16 Italy Italy
17 Austria China
18 Great Britain Korea
19 Slovenia Netherlands
20 Korea Poland
21 Hungary Kazakhstan
22 Poland Slovenia
23 Romania Great Britain
24 Lithuania Spain
25 Japan Mexico
26 Estonia Chinese Taipei
27 China Iceland
28 Ukraine Turkey
29 Netherlands Latvia
30 Serbia Hong Kong, China
31 Croatia DPR Korea
32 Spain Bulgaria
33 Iceland Australia
34 Israel New Zealand
35 Mexico Croatia
36 Australia Lithuania
37 Bulgaria Romania
38 Turkey South Africa
39 Belgium Belgium
40 Chinese Taipei Ukraine
41 Luxembourg Estonia
42 New Zealand Bosnia & Herzegovina
43 Georgia  
44 United Arab Emirates  
45 DPR Korea  
46 Hong Kong, China  
47 Thailand  
48 Turkmenistan  
49 Bosnia & Herzegovina  
50 Kyrgyzstan  
51 Kuwait  
52 South Africa  
53 Malaysia  
54 Philippines  
55 Singapore