Charitickets for Ukraine
by IIHF|17 APR 2022
Hungary’s Balint Magosi and Artem Bondaryev during a face-off at the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group A in Kyiv.
photo: Andri Basevych
As part of an ongoing global effort to support the Ukraine Ice Hockey Federation in its preparations to participate in the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group B, the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation is organizing a special exhibition game between Ukraine and Hungary’s men’s national teams in order to raise funds to support Ukraine ice hockey.

The game is scheduled to take place on 22 April at the Vasa Jegzentrum in the Hungarian capital city of Budapest. Fans interested in offering support can make a contribution with a Chariticket, a sponsorship ticket for the game.
“We are a close-knit community, bound together by our passion for ice and puck across borders and continents! One member of the hockey family, the Ukrainian federation, is in distress and needs assistance. Many people have been offering all kinds of support to refugee hockey kids and their families, but this is about something different. We are expanding the scope of local fundraising and donations; we are opening the borders!,” said the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation in a statement.

Note: The Chariticket is meant as a donation and does not grant access to the game. The ticket sales will be open until the 28th so that fans can still make a contribution after the game is over. 
The revenue from Chariticket sales will be transferred for the benefit of the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation, to their sub-account with the International Ice Hockey Federation. Charitickets are available only in Hungarian Forint (10,000.00 HUF~26 EUR, 5,000.00 HUF~13 EUR, 2,000.00 HUF~5 EUR).
While the Chariticket does not entitle the holder to admission, the game will be streamed online on the Federation's YouTube channel.
Hungary and Ukraine captains shake hands during a recent exhibition game.