Integrity Week: Creating Awareness and Reporting
by staff|16 DEC 2022
For too long, a culture of silence has prevailed in hockey. It’s time to change that. Reporting when wrongdoing takes place is the way forward.

Members of the hockey community deserve a voice to speak out when they face pressure to dope, are subjected to abuse or harassment, are induced to participate in competition manipulation, or feel their ethics are being challenged. Under such circumstances, they have the absolute right to speak out.

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has taken a leadership role in terms of matters like providing guidelines and an Integrity Book to its member national associations (MNAs). However, in today’s sports world, it has become increasingly important for all international federations to step up their efforts in this area. Therefore, the IIHF has launched various activities and programs to not only educate its MNAs, but also to make the wider ice hockey community aware of how the IIHF handles each Integrity topic in its own right. 

The IIHF has initiated its “IIHF Together for Integrity” campaign by holding an education workshop with imembers, outlining in detail what is behind each Integrity topic and how to handle delicate situations that could arise. Further to this, the IIHF has created an Integrity Awareness Week, which is being promoted from 12 to 18 December 2022 on its web site and social media platforms. 

Creating awareness is the first step toward creating meaningful change. That said, the IIHF also stands ready to support players, coaches, officials, staff, and other entourage members, and provides a reporting mechanism so that they can speak out. Players must be able to train, compete, and live in a positive atmosphere of respect and freedom where their human rights are guaranteed. Likewise, everyone working in hockey has the right to a respectful, trusted, and safe work environment.

Change is coming. Right now, we must focus on the path forward.
A failure to report problems early on has damaged the lives and career prospects of many athletes. It has also forced coaches, managers, and senior administrators to resign under a cloud.

Whether it concerns anti-doping issues, abuse and harassment, competition manipulation, or matters of ethics, it’s vital to speak up when you become aware of a violation or inappropriate pressure. The IIHF is here to help you and protect you.

Let’s do everything we can to make hockey the safest, cleanest sport in the world. For the benefit of players, coaches, managers, trainers, administrators, fans, organizers, media – everyone who loves this sport worldwide. Don’t hesitate to speak out.

Remember: if you hear something, if you see something – say something.

Incidents can be reported via:
IIHF Reporting Form
Email: [email protected]
The IOC hotline:
Phone: +41445622293
Mail to IIHF headquarters: Brandschenkestrasse 50, Postfach 1817, 8027 Zurich, Switzerland
Anonymous reporting is possible.
For reports with an international dimension, the IIHF creates a case that is forwarded to the independent IIHF Ethics Board. The board weighs the preponderance of evidence and decides whether or not to refer the case to the IIHF Disciplinary Board. Appeals can only be made to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) directly.