Aditya Rama Putra passes away
by FHEI|22 DEC 2022
Indonesia Ice Hockey mourns the death of long-time men’s national team player Aditya Rama Putra, who passed away at the age of 37 years.

Rama, that’s how he used to called by his buddies, who played for the Batavia Demons on the last season of the IIHL, had been a part of the Indonesian men’s national team since its inception back in 2016 and never skipped any international event to represent his country such as 2017 Asian Winter Games, Southeast Asian Games 2017 & 2019, and the IIHF Ice Hockey Challenge Cup of Asia in 2018.

Rama left a legacy of commitment and determination to become a better player. He was also an idol for the younger generation. A lot of young kids would come to the rink just to have an opportunity to watch him and the team practise, so they can learn how to be like him, who is considered as one of the best player Indonesia has ever had. His character that full of fun and his humble personality would always be something to be missed from the whole organization and anyone who had the opportunity to know him.

Rama is also supposed to join the camp in January 2023, as part of the preparation for the national team to join the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division IV, but unfortunately, fate says otherwise.