Gonzalez re-elected
by Martin Merk|30 JUL 2018
Frank Gonzalez continues as President in Spain.
photo: RFEDH

The Royal Spanish Ice Sports Federation on Saturday held an Extraordinary General Assembly for the election of President in Barcelona former IIHF Council member Frank Gonzalez was re-elected as President as the only candidate to a new four-year term.

The assembly also approved the new logo and title given by the King of Spain recently and is now called the Royal Spanish Ice Sports Federation.

After a successful ice hockey season for Spain with four Division II Group A gold medals in various national team categories and also their figure skater Javier Fernandez having won an Olympic bronze medal in men’s figure skating in February, Frank Gonzalez only had praise towards the athletes, technical staff and clubs of the federation for the work that has been done not only these past four years, but since the beginning of the Spanish Ice Sports Federation in 2006 when the Spanish Ministry of Sport (CSD) approved the separation of the ice and snow sports.

“We can only continue to develop and work hard as we know the direction we wish to follow and although it is always tough for a country such as ours being the southernmost European country surrounded by France, Italy and Great Britain when it comes to higher level of competition in all ice sports and especially Ice hockey,” Gonzalez said. “We look to the future with high optimism as those countries have started ahead of us, but we sincerely look up to them and wish to compete at the highest level even though the economic means is still not there for us, but we depend on our will and desire to learn and play the game we love to our capacity.”

Gonzalez has been Vice President from 2006 to 2014 and President from 2014 to 2018 and will continue his mandate as President until the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China.

– with files from the Royal Spanish Ice Sports Federation