Growing the Game Fund
InfrontThe IIHF, in co-operation with Infront Sports and Media, operates a Program called Growing the Game Fund. The Mission of the Fund is to bring all relevant stakeholders together to achieve a lasting impact on ice hockey development in the entire world and to leverage the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship as a unique platform to gain global attention for the fund’s goals.

The objectives are to support projects in areas with specific development needs and shall also initiate strategic programs, with the purpose of propelling ice hockey to new levels of competence and quality. Also, the fund concept has the key objective to strengthen the sport in all its aspects, i.e.
  • its appeal to children as a sport to play
  • its attractiveness to fans and audiences
  • its competitive and sport quality and
  • its solidarity and unity impact within the global ice hockey family
Applications can be sent in by single or groups of IIHF Member National Associations, IIHF Committees for extraordinary projects or initiatives (which are not already covered by their regular projects) or non-IIHF entities for independent projects/initiatives (e.g. ice hockey related research studies/projects).

The funding of a project/initiative is linked to fulfillment of the following conditions:
  • It must have the goal of sustainable development of ice hockey 
  • It must be different to projects covered by the existing development programs led by the IIHF Committees
  • It must be submitted with a clear project plan including the complete budget, the detailed use of the financial funding and the timeframe of the project
  • It should provide benefits to more than one MNA or to ice hockey in general and it must have an innovative component and the potential to create a lasting impact
  • Special consideration will be given to projects/initiatives that demonstrate innovative strategies and realistic targets 
Since the launch of the Program in 2016-17 season, a total of 29 projects have received support. These projects have been aimed at addressing numerous areas of the game such as coaching, youth and general player development, women’s ice hockey, officiating, leadership, medical and social integration. The Program has involved and impacted all Asian National Associations, all regions of Europe, Oceania, Africa and North America.