To drive partnerships that serve the best interests of our sport and our players.

Develop an annual global ice hockey forum

How can people be brought together apart from the congress and with more stakeholders involved? There were discussions about expectations and experiences on a global ice hockey forum, what happened in the past and in which form and frequency such a forum could be held in the future to bring stakeholders and experts together. 

Increase collaboration with Olympic stakeholders

The Olympic Winter Games are major event in the international ice hockey calendar and the other way around ice hockey is a driving sport in terms of popularity and TV figures for the Olympics. Yet only two sets of medals can be won in ice hockey, one in the men’s and one in the women’s tournament. The attendants discussed what the IIHF can do to use the Olympic Winter Games to promote ice hockey, and whether the Olympic Qualification system is good as it is right now.

Analyze use of international breaks.

National teams of the different categories beside the World Championship tournaments also play tournaments organized between the involved countries during International Breaks. Is the balance between league play and national team play right and what can be done to increase attractiveness not only for the national associations but also for players, leagues and clubs? The feedback was that the national team breaks are important for the national associations not only to have an event and an income opportunity but also for the players who want to represent their countries and for the management to scout and develop players in a national team environment. There is interest to have meaningful competitions and the feeling that national team games are sometimes underestimated as a tool to grow hockey by leagues and clubs as many people who are not die-hard hockey fans come to hockey through national teams.

Strengthen commercial partnerships.

Commercial partnerships help to generate income for non-profit hockey organizations to get the means to develop the sport at an international, national and regional level but also for the exposure of ice hockey. The IIHF wants to drive partnerships that serve the best interest of ice hockey and players and strengthen commercial partnerships to optimize media and marketing efforts. Participants in the workshop discussed what more can be done, how partnerships can be optimized for top events and how smaller events be marketed.