From New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas - the IIHF Global Girls' Game will be played again this season, this time on weekend of 10th and 11th March 2018. The weekend-long game between the Team Blue and Team White players starts on early Saturday in Auchkland, New Zealand, and from there the puck goes to Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and further west to Europe to battle for the global winner and the aggregate score until the last puck drop on Sunday in Mississauga, Canada.

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NOTE: The next Global Girls' Game will be during the weekend of 16-17 February 2019!

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1   New Zealand Auckland Sat, 10 March 7:45   19:45 3 - 4
Comments: There were 20 participants in the first part of the Global Girls' Game on Saturday morning in New Zealand's biggest city, Auckland. It was a fast-paced game with a lot of positive feedback from the players and fans present.
2   Japan Shimane Sat, 10 March 14:00   6:00 1 - 3
Comments: The second game ended at the Lake Arena in Izumo in the Shimane prefecture in the west of Japan and Team White increases the lead to 7-4. As part of the 25th Koyukan Cup Women's Ice Hockey Tournament the Hiroshima Collectors as Team White beat the Okayama University as Team Blue 3-1. 31 players were involved in the game. Emiko Fukita opened the scoring at 7:19 but Yukiha Okuda tied it up in the first period. Yoko Sakamoto and Mimi Matsumoto scored for Team White late in the game. The ceremonial puck-drop was held by two special guests, two penguins in white and blue jerseys.
3   Chinese Taipei Taipei City Sat, 10 March 14:00   7:00 2 - 1
Comments: Two teams assembled at Ice Land in Taipei City with Team White wearing the white Chinese Taipei national team jersey and Team Blue playing in the red national team jerseys winning the game 2-1.
4   Singapore Kuala Lumpur (MAL) Sat, 10 March 14:00   7:00 0 - 2
Comments: The women's national team players from Singapore are currently on the road in neighbouring Malaysia for the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's Challenge Cup of Asia. That didn't prevent them from doing a little intra-squad game on Saturday to celebrate the Global Girls' Game.
5   Australia Adelaide Sat, 10 March 17:00   7:00 8 - 4
6   Russia Ufa Sat, 10 March 13:00   9:00 1 - 2
Comments: The game of the Russian Women's Hockey League between Agidel Ufa and Dynamo St. Petersburg served as Russia's Global Girls' Game. Played in the capital of Bashkortostan, the home team in its traditional green colour of the region represented Team Blue while the visitors played in white. After two tights and scoreless periods Czech forward Alena Polenska opened the scoring for the team from St. Petersburg at 5:54 of the third frame but five-and-a-half minutes later Elina Mitrofanova tied it up for Agidel Ufa. The game went to overtime and to a lengthy shootout. After three scoreless rounds Polenska and Inna Dyubanok exchanged goals in the fourth. Three more scoreless rounds followed until Anna Fagina scored the game-winner with the 16th penalty shot. It was a surprise win but Agidel, which had a winner streak over 14 games, still leads the league while for the Global Girls’ Game it meant Team White got another goal ahead against Team Blue. You can watch the full game here.
7   United Arab Emirates Dubai Sat, 10 March 13:00   10:00 5 - 3
Comments: The Dubai Gazelles and the Abu Dhabi Storms played the United Arab Emirates' Global Girls' Game with the visiting team winning 5-3.
8   Romania Miercurea Ciuc Sat, 10 March 11:00   10:00 6 - 6
Comments: There were 32 participants to Global Girls’ Game in Miercurea Ciuc. The game was very exciting and at the end everybody was very happy because they had a lot of fun.
9   Turkey Ankara Sat, 10 March 13:00   11:00 6 - 4
10   Estonia Tallinn Sat, 10 March 14:00   13:00 5 - 9
Comments: Estonia is relaunching women’s hockey after an eight-year break in activities and has three tournaments to find out about the level of interested female players. Today was the season opener – in perfect timing for the Global Girls’ Game.
11   Serbia Novi Sad Sat, 10 March 13:00   13:00 2 - 3
Comments: Serbia's northern city for ice hockey, Novi Sad, hosted a Global Girls' Game that ended with a 2-2 tie after 60 minutes and with Team White winning it in overtime to give Team White a two-goal overall lead before moving further north to Latvia.
12   Latvia Tukums Sat, 10 March 15:00   14:00 5 - 0
Comments: The Global Girls’ Game continued in the Baltics, with the Latvian town of Tukums hosting the event as part of the Latvia Women’s Open Championship. The game between home team L&L (Latvia) in blue and Hockey Girls (Lithuania) –“Team White” was dedicated as Latvia’s Global Girls’ Game. A 5-0 shutout win by Team Blue gave the overall global lead to the Blues. The 28 girls that took part were thrilled to be part of the worldwide GGG event.
13   Ukraine Kyiv Sat, 10 March 16:00   15:00 11 - 4
Comments: In the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, a total of 32 young girls between the ages of 6 up to 14 years took part in the 2018 Global Girls’ Game. It is second time in Ukraine that a Global Girls’ Game event was held in the country. A lot of scoring happened in this one, with Daria Tsymirenko potting five goals for Team Blue en route to a 11-4 win. The girls that participated came from regions across the country, helping to raise awareness for women’s ice hockey development in Ukraine. Find here a video report from Ukraine.
14   Finland Helsinki Sat, 10 March 16:00   15:00 3 - 12
Comments: 56 female ice hockey players gathered together at the Laaksolahti ice rink in Espoo, Finland. The girls were divided into teams who played four half-ice games during the GGG-hour.
15   Bulgaria Sofia Sat, 10 March 17:00   16:00 1 - 4
Comments: A total of 28 players played at the Slavia ice rink in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, a 4-1 win for Team White. 
16   Slovakia Presov Sat, 10 March 17:00   17:00 2 - 1
Comments: Slovakia’s Global Girls’ Game event brought together 36 women to the eastern Slovak city of Presov, where the game was played as part of the semi-final series of the Slovak Women’s League. 
17   Hungary Budapest Sat, 10 March 18:00   18:00 5 - 7
Comments: 16 girls participated in Hungary's Global Girl's Game event, held in the capital Budapest.
18   Great Britain Sheffield Sat, 10 March 18:00   19:00 2 - 2
Comments: The GB Women’s Under-16 squad and some members of the under-18s roster - totaling 27 players - went head-to-head in Ice Sheffield with the game finishing in a 2-2 tie. GB Women's assistant coach, Jayne McClelland, who spent time on both benches during the game said: "It was great to see the girls involved in a special worldwide event. "They really enjoyed it and we saw a good game between the two sides. We have some great young talent in the programme and they were able to showcase their skills." 
19   Sweden Stockholm Sat, 10 March 20:00   20:00 3 - 2
Comments: In Stockholm, Sweden, the Haninge Anchors ice hockey club gathered 30 girls in different ages from 8 to 52 for an eventful Saturday night Global Girls’ Game event. All the girls supported each other and had a blast in a tight game that ended 3-2 to the blue team. 
20   Austria Vienna Sat, 10 March 20:00   20:00 3 - 1
Comments: The Austrian Global Girls' Game event took place in Vienna and was played between a group of 36 girls.
21   Ireland Belfast Sat, 10 March 22:20   23:20 4 - 6
Comments: 12 girls braved the late night journey to Belfast to participate in the Global Girls' Game. They had a fantastic time on the ice and showed their passion and love for the game throughout. MVP awards went to Jo Micklam of Team White and to Sarah Hagemann from Team Blue. 
22   USA Boston Sat, 10 March 20:00   2:00 4 - 1
Comments: The end of the regular season in the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) was celebrated with the game between the Boston Pride and the Metropolitan Riveters from New Jersey becoming part of the Global Girls' Game while many other women's and girls' hockey games were played across the country to celebrate this weekend with a national continuous game. The Riveters representing Team Blue got a 4-1 road win. Olympic gold medal winner Cayla Barnes made the ceremonial face-off to start the game. Madison Packer was the hero of the game for the Riveters scoring a hat trick with the 1-0, 2-0 and 3-1 goals. Thanks to that she now leads the league in scoring and is second in points.
23   South Africa Pretoria Sun, 11 March 8:00   7:00 0 - 5
Comments: The game was a great success with players as young as 10 years old participating. The senior players participated by coaching, managing, setting up and one who is a paramedic helped out as first aider. Four clubs joined in with the Pretoria Capitals and the Pretoria Ice Hawks making up Team White and the KemptonPark Sabres and Centurion Warriors making the blue team. Everybody enjoyed the event and can’t wait for next one.
24   Lithuania Tukums (LAT) Sun, 11 March 11:00   10:00 3 - 0
Comments: The Lithuanian club team Hockey Girls had a weekend with back-to-back games in Latvia. Saturday’s 5-0 win of Latvian club L&L was dedicated as Latvia’s Global Girls’ Game and the game on Sunday as the Lithuanian part of the long game. The Laima Juniors representing Team Blue beat the Lithuanian Hockey Girls 3-0 thanks to a pair of goals from Karina Silajane and one from Alma Stebele. 30 players took part in the game. Lithuania is new in women’s hockey and the team participates in the Latvian women’s championship in its first season making it a four-team league. The Hockey Girls have to play all games in Latvia and have yet to win a game but collect valuable experiences to develop women’s hockey in Lithuania.
25   Slovenia Ljubljana Sun, 11 March 10:00   10:00 4 - 3
Comments: Although the date for this year’s Global Girls’ Game coincided with final stages of different national competitions in Slovenia, there were 12 players to put together a mix of seasoned players and such who have just recently began their hockey careers. It was a tight game but the girls and women on the ice had a lot of fun participating in the event.
26   Denmark Odense Sun, 11 March 11:30   11:30 2 - 4
27   Germany Memmingen Sun, 11 March 12:00   12:00 8 - 1
Comments: 34 young girls between 9 and 13 years from all across Germany showed up in Bavaria, in the city of the new German women's hockey champion ECDC Memmingen Indians. It was a very exciting game with a lot of fun for all participants.
28   Switzerland Huttwil Sun, 11 March 12:15   12:15 0 - 8
Comments: 22 players took place in this game. Although the two U14 teams were a bit unbalanced, the girls had fun participating in this game.
29   Croatia Sisak Sun, 11 March 13:00   13:00 3 - 4
Comments: Croatia used the new ice arena in Sisak to participate in the Global Girls’ Game. “This was the first time in the history of Croatian ice hockey that girls at the age of 6 participated in a game player over the full ice sheet,” said Medarda Pack, the only female hockey coach in Croatia. The event was opened with national team player Ela Filipec at the ceremonial face-off. Each team had 14 players and a goaltender and all players were between 6 and 20 years of age except one 44-year-old goaltender who had to step it to make this game possible. Most of the girls play with boys’ team since there are only senior teams in women’s hockey. The players thus represented six clubs and four cities.
30   Poland Katowice Sun, 11 March 13:00   13:00 11 - 8
Comments: For the second time Poland took part in the Global Girls' Game. Again it was held in Katowice. 50 players from five to over 40 years of age played together supported by 200 spectators and local sport television. Team White was helped by national team veteran Joanna Orawska, who potted five goals for her team. Team Blue had five players from the team Mums, an amateur hockey team of mothers! Again Kojotki Naprzod Janow were the host of the event having fun promoting women’s hockey at the Jantor Arena in Katowice – the place where junior girls hockey was born.
31   Norway Oslo Sun, 11 March 14:00   14:00 10 - 1
Comments: A big win for Team Blue at the game organized by the Ullensaker Flyers and with 24 players participating from the clubs Valerenga and Rosenborg.
32   France Cergy-Pontoise Sun, 11 March 15:00   15:00 2 - 1
Comments: In France, the Global Girls Game event was played in Paris, between Cergy and Neuilly/Saint Ouen. After 3 15-minute periods, the blue team won the match 2 -1. The teams and organizers spent a very good time, and after the match held a discussion about female ice hockey and ways how to improve the women’s game in France. The game was broadcast live on Fanseat.
33   Netherlands Heerenveen Sun, 11 March 15:00   15:00 2 - 4
Comments: The Global Girls’ Game in the Netherlands was the big final for the Championship in the women’s division between Unis Flyers Heerenveen women and Ice Angels Smoke Eaters Geleen. These 2 teams have been working for years on the future of women’s ice hockey in the Netherlands and that has as result that they played the final today. We are proud that the ages are so mixed from 10 to 57 years, National team players played with the girls and help them that is the strength of these teams. 
34   Czech Republic Lovosice Sun, 11 March 17:00   17:00 2 - 4
Comments: 63 girls participated in promotion event called “open practice with U16 girls national team”. They had off&on-ice practice in the morning, cross-ice games after lunch break and tried hard shot contest + skating with parachute. The 13 best girls joined the 22 U16 girls team and played very competitive game.
35   Mexico Mexico City Sun, 11 March 10:00   17:00 1 - 0
Comments: Mexico City’s Global Girls’ Game event brought together 30 girls who played a close 1-0 game for Team Blue. 
36   Iceland Reykjavik Sun, 11 March 17:00   18:00 1 - 3
Comments: Every single girl went home with a big smile from this game involving club teams from Reykjavik. On the ice were friends, sisters, aunts and two pairs of mother and daughters. "We had one national team player withThorisdottir and three retired national team players (Heimisdottir, Sigurgeirsdottir and Sigmundsdottir), Sigmundsdottir was there with her daughter," said Gudlaug Ingibjorg Thorsteinsdottir from Bjorninn Reykjavik.
37   Canada Mississauga Sun, 11 March 18:00   0:00 3 - 2
Comments: This last game was streamed live and can be watched on demand here. 40 players accross Canada were selected to join together, see the sights in around Toronto and play the last Global Girls' Game of the 2018 edition.