Physical Profile Top On-Ice Officials
What is the physical profile of a top on-ice official? What kind of training plans should be utilized by the on-ice official in order to reach the parameters of a top IIHF on-ice official regarding physical conditioning? 

In order to answer on these questions, the IIHF Sport Department in cooperation with the scientists and specialists of the BASPO (Federal Office of Sport Switzerland) in Magglingen, Switzerland, worked out a special program for testing top IIHF on-ice officials to collect appropriate data. The test period included 3 years during which the group of the top IIHF on-ice officials (referees and linesmen) annually went through designed tests which simulates the work of the of the on-ice officials during the game. 

Body mass, sprints and agility, specific endurance and trunk strength were selected as main based parameters of the physical profile. 

The scientific group summarized the results of each individual and worked out mean values and target values of body mass, sprints and agility, endurance and trunk strength of top on-ice official. 

Based on worked out physical profile the specialists from BASPO suggest the training program and exercises which should be utilized by the on-ice officials in order to reach established parameters.

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