IIHF Registered Testing Pool
In the fight against doping, the Anti-Doping control system has a critically important role to play. These controls not only occur during competition but, in order to combat doping effectively and preventatively, also take place out-of-competition.

The term Registered Testing Pool refers to the pool of top-level athletes established by the IIHF and National Anti-Doping Organizations who are subject to both In-Competition and Out-of-Competition testing as part of the IIHF or National-Anti-Doping Organization’s test distribution plan.
Players entered into the IIHF RTP will be required to provide up-to-date whereabouts information to the IIHF for each quarter period via ADAMS for the purpose of No Advance Notice Out-Of-Competition Testing. Such whereabouts information shall include one specific 60-minute time slot between 5:00 – 23:00 (11 pm) each day where the Player will be available and accessible for Testing at a specific location.

Criteria for RTP

The following criteria are applied for the athletes’ selection for the IIHF RTP. Athletes included in the pool, are personally notified about their inclusion:
  1. Athletes who are considered to be “International Players”; and.
  2. Athletes under the IIHF’s jurisdiction who are serving periods of Ineligibility or who have recently completed a period of ineligibility; or
  3. Athletes who retired while in the RTP and now want to return to Competition;
  4. Athletes training with Athlete Support Personnel previously associated with doping practices; or
  5. Athletes for whom reliable information from a Third Party has indicated possible doping practices; and similar; or
  6. Athletes who have achieved a significant and unexpected improvement in performance; and similar; or
  7. Any other Players at the discretion of the IIHF.

Testing Pool – Team Whereabouts

In addition to the IIHF RTP, the IIHF has an extensive out-of-competition program in which Team Whereabouts are collected. A team administrator is submitting whereabouts information for the whole team, including trainings, competitions, camps and individual athletes addresses.

These are the basis for no advanced notice tests outside of competition. Included in the testing pools are National Teams and clubs playing in a cross-border league. Respective clubs are notified in advanced of their duties.

National Anti-Doping Organization Registered Testing Pool

Most IIHF member national association athletes also have the possibility to be included within their National Anti-Doping Organization Registered Testing Pool. National Anti-Doping Organizations (“NADO”) are organizations responsible for testing national athletes in- and out-of-competition, as well as athletes from other countries competing within that nation’s borders; adjudicating anti-doping rules violations; and anti-doping education. Many NADOs have established RTP Programs similar to the IIHF’s RTP to facilitate out-of-competition testing for its athletes. For further information about your NADA and/or its RTP please see WADA’s complete list of NADOs.

Anti-Doping Administration & Management System

Click below for more information on the Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS) and an introduction video.

ADAMS Help Centre

ADAMS - Anti-Doping Administration & Management System
30 OCT 2009