The International Ice Hockey Federation runs global camps to develop ice hockey such as the Hockey Development Camps and the Women's High-Performance Camps.

The next global camp will be the 2019 IIHF Hockey Development Camp in summer 2019.

2019 IIHF Hockey Development Camp

Location: Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumaki, Finland
Dates: 6-13 July 2019
Players: Male players born in 2004

The camp emphasis will be on development projects, aimed at assisting National Associations in their individual growth and development. One of the primary focuses is to provide the participating nations the tools needed to meet Minimum Participation Standards for their continuous participation in the IIHF World Championship Program.

As such, at least the following development programs will be in operation during the 2019 Hockey Development Camp:
  1. Recruitment and Introduction to Learn to Play Program
  2. MNA Leadership Development Program
  3. Team Coach Development
  4. Goalkeeper Coach Development
  5. Team Manager Development
  6. Equipment Manager Development
  7. Player Development (male players born 2004)

Following the direction of the IIHF Congress, sustainable growth of ice hockey is a very high priority for the IIHF and therefore recruitment and retention will be emphasized in these Programs. We believe that this can be achieved through the delivery of enjoyable and safe experiences for the players, wherever and whenever they are subject to such.

The Learn to Play Program has been specifically designed to educate instructors on how to plan and operate recruitment events and programs and to introduce the game to children both on and off the ice. The MNA Leadership Development Program (formerly known as the Administrator Program) provides National Association Leadership and Personnel the means and ways to evaluate and enhance their domestic programming. All of the remaining Programs aim at developing National Association Representatives in their areas of expertise. As such, every single Program operated at the Camp aims at delivering better hockey experiences and through such contributes to our objective of growing our game.

Purpose and Goals of the Hockey Development Camp

The camp program will be used as a platform to launch the IIHF’s development and education programs, specifically aimed at assisting each National Association to achieve their objectives, leading to global growth and development of the game. The programs will assist each National Association in upgrading and operating quality education programs within their country.

The IIHF National Association Assistance Program will be integrated with the camp program to assist IIHF Members in planning, organizing and operating domestic development programs, which may be eligible for further IIHF resources and subsidies.

The IIHF will allow the National Associations to request specific participation in programs they wish to further educate their people and to create and execute a Domestic Development Plan. This is to allow nations that are willing to develop certain area(s) and to have the opportunity to receive IIHF subsidy for such.

If this is an opportunity your National Association would like to take advantage of, together with your commitment, please be prepared to let us know which programs you would like to have a participant in, why you are requesting such, who the participant would be and the reasons why the participant would be suitable for that role.

In addition to above-mentioned matters, the goals of the camp are to:
  • Develop the partnership between the IIHF and the Member National Associations
  • Educate the future leaders of ice hockey throughout the world
  • Encourage Fair Play and Respect
  • Provide the necessary tools to help National Associations meet the Minimum Participation Standards for World Championship participation
  • Provide theoretical sessions and practical experience that can help improve each member National Association.
  • Develop and enhance the skills of hockey leaders of Member National Associations
  • Provide practical IIHF Development Program examples
  • Develop networks amongst the ice hockey family to share issues and find solutions
  • Provide personal growth and development of all the participants
  • Promote international friendships and relations